Mara Holcomb

Mara is the winner for Tell Your Story! Keep reading to find out what her positive experience with COBE is.

My story begins with that I am a senior here at Ashland University. I am double majoring in Finance and Marketing. One organization that I have been a part of on campus is the Eagle Investment Group. This group has been an honor to be a part of. Eagle Investment has helped me understand how to work with stocks and also how to invest wisely. This group has given me the opportunity to grow close with ten of my colleagues, and we have come together as a team to manage the portfolio. As a team, we invest and manage $1.3 billion of the University’s Endowment. Eagle Investment has taught me more about my passions and also how to apply what I have learned in class to the real world experience. It is an opportunity to grab a hold of and be in. Mara holds just one of the many stories that continue to develop every day at the College of Business and Economics!

Fall Fashion Show 2015 Recap

Just in case you missed Nightmare on College Avenue, here is a recap of the event. The event kicked off around 6:30 pm when the doors of the Ridenour Room opened to swarms of students and professors. The room’s interior reverberated with spooky Halloween decorations.

The focus of this show was to have fashion merchandising students design costumes that you don’t see each year, or that you can’t just pick up and buy from the costume store.  Gabby Vitel, who was co-director of the fashion show quotes, “We wanted each garment to have that “WOW” factor, and I believed we achieved that this year with our pieces.”

The two classes involved with the show were Fashion Analysis and Textiles. Textiles worked on different aspects of the show – from staging, models, promotion and merchandising. Fashion merchandising students had their work cut out for them. Something new they incorporated this year was the use of duct tape. The use of duct tape can be difficult to use, but their pieces turned out very well. Rylee Scott, who was also the co-director of the fashion show, quotes “I definitely think the duck- tape was a challenge for at least everyone in some way. Duck- tape is really hard to work with, either with cutting or making it fit exactly how you need.” The audience saw intricate skirts, shirts, hats, and even boots made from duct tape.

Overall the show was a success! The Ashland University Fashion Show grows each year beyond the previous year. The feedback from guests has been positive, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

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Click the link to watch the models strut the Haunted Trail.



On this trip we got to experience so many new and interesting things. We visited many different night markets and companies. I enjoyed the night markets because there is so much to do and see. You can get food or a drink and walk around looking at all the different stores. We also, took many different trips to temples around Taiwan. I now know that you are to enter temples on the tiger side and exit on the dragon side. I enjoyed the experience of trying many different foods and beverages. I found out i don’t like bubble milk tea but chocolate tea (Pictured Below) on the other hand is really good. Overall I feel the trip to Taiwan was a good experience that helped me to grow as a person.


The companies we visited were interesting, some included Jonnesway Enterprise Co. and Kenos Industrial Co. I don’t have a strong desire to work in the manufacturing industry, but talking to the managers really opened my eyes to the world of doing business internationally in my future career. The passion that the workers had for their jobs and the work they performed was something that was very unique to me. I feel like so many Americans I know go through the motions in their jobs everyday but don’t find a great amount of joy in it. But everywhere we went no matter if it was a restaurant or our enterprise visits they take a great pride in what they do. They are constantly asking your opinion of the product and if you’re not satisfied they’re eager to learn what they can do to make it better for you. It’s so personal. They want each and every customer to leave satisfied. They can’t seem to stop talking about their work. Their faces just seem to light up when they talk about the work they do everyday and that’s always something I’ve admired. I have yet to find what I want to do with my life, but I know when I figure it out I want to be that passionate about it. I also learned the lesson of doing your research before meeting with a client. Study their culture and maybe their social media pages to find out their interests. Learn about them before you meet them so you already feel a connection with them. In Asian culture, this relationship takes time to build but when you establish it, they serve as a long time client. It’s interesting to me just how big food culture is in Asia. Everything revolves around food. The events they have, the business deals they make. Joseph Liao, the President of Jonnesway, made this apparent. He said he watches what people order and everything and judges their character just on that. You need to study up on the mannerisms before going over to make sure you don’t do anything to offend a potential client. China is such a big economy that I found by the end of the trip that I want to continue my learning of the language. I think that there are great opportunities that lie in Asia in the business world and I want to be able to communicate to find those. I’m excited to keep learning and hope to visit again soon.

Experiencing Soudelor

We had news about a week in advance that there was a huge typhoon coming and just our luck it was supposed to hit Saturday AKA the day we are supposed to leave. We prepared (slightly) by buying some snacks and water but wow I was not prepared for what actually came. The wind was so strong it felt like our windows were going to crack at any time. If that wasn’t enough to rile up the nerves we were awakened at 2 am to the sound of glass crashing to the ground and shattering completely.  The sound of the glass was continuous and little by little all of the glass was out of the window pane. Shortly after that the power flickered on and off for about an hour, then finally went out completely leaving us without air conditioning as well as without a filtered water dispenser. I chose to sleep in the middle room that didn’t have windows just to stay on the safe side. At about 6 am the wind had let down enough for me to feel comfortable laying in my bed. We then woke up again at about 9 am dripping with sweat, WE HAD CONQUERED TYPHOON SOUDELOR!! IMG_9528[1]

Here’s to Taiwan

Last night a few of us went and celebrated our last few days here (hopefully). While we were all out we were all talking about our favorite memories and the things we liked. The responses included the food, Taipei, and the main thing we all loved, Greta. She has helped us so much throughout this process. Without her, I don’t think any of us could have survived. While I was listening to some of the responses I was thinking what I really liked about this trip. I came with the conclusion that one of my favorite parts was becoming closer with the people from Ashland. Coming on this trip, most of us barley knew anything about each other (excluding what we learned in class). But having to spend six weeks with each other, we have all grown closer to each other. We have all learned or changed in one form or another. Hopefully, when we get back to AU, we will continue to talk about our experiences and laugh at all of the silly moments we have had. I know I will urge other students to come on this trip, so they can experience some of the moments our group did. Pictured below is from the start of the trip to the end. (Kara isn’t in the first because she hates Ohio) (Not really she lives in Minnesota) beg End

Travels Home

It’s the day before we leave. Or is it? Typhoon Soudelor is making its way towards Taiwan as I type. It’s the biggest storm of the year with winds up to 218 miles per hour, which is equivalent to a category 5 hurricane. Right now it’s not too bad though with some wind and a little bit of rain. We’ve been suggested to stay at the dorm tonight as the storm will continue to get worse. Our coordinator offered to order us food and have it brought to the dorm so we don’t have to worry about going out for dinner. It was so nice of her to offer to have that done for us and shows that everyone here at Providence really cares about our safety. It’s hard to say right now if our flight home will get delayed. Since we don’t leave until Saturday evening we’ll miss the worst of the storm and might not have any problems getting home. Either way it’s pretty cool to be able to experience one last thing here in Taiwan. You never know what’s going to happen. Wish us luck on our travels home!



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