COBE in Taiwan 2015

It is hard to believe another summer is upon us. This year nine students are going to Providence University in June. They will be blogging from Taiwan. I am very much looking forward to reading their blogs and hope you will read them too.

Khush Pittenger

Students in the Department of Marketing are required to complete one internship within their specific field. Each student’s internship varies by the company and what type of position they are interning for. Marketing internships can range from creative positions to research- and analytics-focused positions. Let’s start to discover where previous students have interned and worked here at Ashland University.

Interning 2.0

Gina Tornabene, a 2013 Ashland University graduate with a degree in marketing, spent her summer interning at the Ohio State Reformatory as the event coordinating and marketing intern. During her internship, she worked alongside clients to set up and run events and even presented venues to prospective clients. Gina also assisted with historical tours, interacted with guests and generated benchmarking metrics to improve the website. The skills she has gained from this internship help set her apart from her competitors when she applied for jobs. The Ohio State Reformatory is better known as the site where The Shawshank Redemption was filmed. If you want to find out more about interning for the Ohio State Reformatory, click on the link HERE.

Interning turns into a full-time job

Taylor Zorman, another 2013 graduate of Ashland University with a marketing degree, spent her summer interning in Cleveland, Ohio at Flashstarts, Inc. Flashstarts, Inc. is a business startup accelerator and venture fund focused on unique and innovative uses of software and technology. During her internship at Flashstarts, Taylor implemented marketing strategies to 10 new businesses in the Flashstarts Summer Program. As a result of her internship, she has gained a full time position with this company. At her full time job, Taylor has created and managed the alumni network, managed summer accelerator programs, and contributed to help special projects for the accelerator team.  If you are like Taylor, your internship could open doors to a potential full time job. If you would like more information on Flashstarts Inc., click HERE here to be directed to their website.


As you can see, internship experience during your time in college is very important. It helps you gain real world experience and more knowledge about the type of business that you want to start a career in. Make an appointment with the AU Career Services Center and start thinking about an internship today!

Brooklyn Moore is a junior with a major in marketing and a minor in hospitality. She is also a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority.

There are many interesting and fun internship opportunities that are available to Sport Management majors. You can choose from a variety of options, from working with a highly known team like the Cleveland Indians to working at a high school athletic department. Within these internships, students learn to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to real life scenarios.

Shelbie Johnson, an Ashland University Sport Management major, had an amazing internship opportunity. Shelbie is a junior at AU and is involved in many other activities on campus. She is the president of the Sport Business Club, has done field experience with the AU compliance director and has worked with the Ashland High School athletic director.

Expanding Horizons

Shelbie’s internship opportunity was with Delaware North Target Field Sportservice in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This company has provided memorable experiences for nearly 100 years.  From sports and entertainment venues, to gaming destinations; from parks and resorts to bustling travel hubs, the hospitality management team works across the United States and around the globe to ensure that all guests enjoy these special places.

As an intern, Shelbie gained much experience and many opportunities to learn more about the field. Her main responsibilities within this internship included:

  • Supervising concessions/non-profit and vending personnel

    Shelbie Johnson, a junior Sport Management major.

    Shelbie Johnson, a junior Sport Management major.

  • Ensuring concession stations are set up for each business day
  • Preparing various sales and operational reports as required; analyze product usage.
  • Ensuring that proper sanitation procedures are followed
  • Keeping records of menu item sales and waste
  • Preparing for the 2014 MLB All Star Game
  • Supervising the self-serve draft beer machines

During her experience at Target Field, she was also able to be a part of the Minnesota Twins hosting the 2014 MLB All Star Game Events.

A Love for the Game

When asked if she enjoyed her internship at Target field, she said:

“I loved the internship! I worked with amazing people and got to experience new things every day. No day was ever the same and it kept things very interesting.”

In response to asking Shelbie how she thinks she could use her experiences she gained in this internship in her future career, she said:

“It benefited me because I was able to make numerous connections that have led me to meeting other management teams at other ball parks. I have great references now.”

Last, noted her favorite thing about working at Target Field:

“My bosses are very helpful and always sending me helpful info for the future and are always willing to help me prepare for interviews. Overall, it was a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and experience the real world.”

As Shelbie and I talked about her internship, it was clear that she was just so excited about it. It is great to be able to pair something that you love and have an interest in with your career path and internship opportunity. Shelbie is just one example of a student at Ashland University who has had the opportunity to work with an established company like Delaware North. She will carry her internship experiences with her in her future endeavors.

Want to learn more about Shelbie’s internship opportunity? Check out the company here

Margo Miller is a junior and doubling majoring in marketing and psychology at Ashland University. She is also a member of Delta Zeta sorority and hopes to pursue a career in consumer behavior.

With all of the talented students in the marketing major at Ashland University, it is hard to showcase each and every one of them, but one particular student and her family “popped” out at me. Mara Holcomb and her family make and sell delicious kettle corns and nuts at fairs and festivals in Ohio from May to the end of October each year. They also receive and ship online orders for their popcorns and nuts on their website to their loyal customers that live out of state and for families who like to ship their college kids and other family members their amazing treats. Mara is currently a sophomore at Ashland University double majoring in Marketing and Finance.

Holcomb's Popcorn

Holcomb’s Classics Kettle Corn. Picture via https://www.holcombsclassics.com/photos

The Holcomb Story

Mara’s family started Holcomb’s Classics around thirteen years ago. They became interested in the kettle corn concession business after seeing a vendor at a state fair popping kettle corn. Now, they were not quite sure how to break into the concession/popcorn business, so they started by doing some research. They were intrigued by the way Gary Mann and his family popped their popcorn. Gary and his family resurrected an old way of popping popcorn in large kettles while adding something sweet such as honey, molasses, or sugar. Mara’s family thought that Gary had a great idea and they decided that the kettle corn would be a great way to break into the concession business. Their products have expanded over the years and they now include caramel corn, cheese corn, cinnamon roasted nuts, and the basic classic kettle corn.

Mara Holcomb (middle) and the Holcomb Family.

Mara Holcomb (middle) and the Holcomb Family.

The Family Support

Now, Mara just doesn’t sit back and let her family do all the work. She actively assists in the family business in multiple ways. Besides going to fairs and festivals with the family to sell their products, Mara also assists by helping in the digital marketing of her family’s products. She helped to design and market the Holcomb’s Classics website with her dad, which was launched this past April. She also helps to maintain the website and the Holcomb’s Classic Facebook page as well.

Once a year, Mara also brings some of her family’s popcorn to Ashland University. She and the Girl’s Ashland University Club Basketball team sell her family’s delicious popcorn to the students here at AU. The sales of the popcorn are used to help raise money for the girl’s club team and are divided between the girl’s club team and the Holcomb family. But no matter where the money goes, the real beneficiaries are the students and faculty receiving the amazing popcorn.

The Future

The Holcomb family is considering attempting to grow their product line and their customer base by appearing and selling their products at more fairs and festivals among the surrounding states. But as of right now, Mara and her family are happy where the family business stands and are enjoying providing delicious kettle corns and nuts to their loyal patrons.

Learning More

If you want to learn more about Holcomb’s Classics, visit their website at: https://www.holcombsclassics.com/

Or Like their page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HolcombsClassics

Josh Gullett is a senior double major in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. He is a member of Enactus and is currently the head coach of the Women’s Club Basketball team.

The sport management field is new to the College of Business at Ashland University. Sports and business go hand in hand, so the sport management joining the College of Business is a key move. Check out the Ashland’s College of Business at: https://www.ashland.edu/cobe/.

Sports comprise nearly a $500 billion annual industry. The job market in the sport business world from 2008-2018 is expected to increase by twenty- three percent. There is a wide variety of jobs available in the sport business world, ranging from managing college and professional athletes to office systems, to marketing and event and facilities, even economics and finance.

Volunteer Work

In February 2014, six Sport Management students volunteered to work at a United States Tennis Association (USTA) even that was held in Cleveland, Ohio.


These students experienced many important aspects of sport management such as media, credentialing, operations, transportation, VIP/hospitality and many others. The sport management students worked alongside the USTA staff and the International Tennis Federation. Some of the students said that they, “gained a whole new respect for event planners and the amount of effort and time that goes into the behind the scenes.”

Doug Wenger, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at OMNOVA Solutions, a global manufacturing company headquartered in Northeast Ohio, said that “they were on time, attentive, respectful and outstanding ambassadors of sports, international relations, our community and your respective university.” The students also got along with different age groups and interacted well with the public.

To see more about the Sport Management majors’ volunteer work, check out: https://www.ashland.edu/cobe/node/40356

Sport Management Field Day

Sunday Fun day Field Day was held on April 6, 2014. This event is run strictly by Sport Management students. Every year, students in the Event Management class plan the Sunday Fun day Field Day for class credit. The Sport Management students are in charge of everything, from the games they play to sponsors for the event.

Last year’s games, selected by the Sport Management students, included sand volleyball, kickball, capture the flag, and relay races. The sport Management students typically conduct a survey to determine what games should be played during the event.

Planning an event like this is great experience for Sport Management students. It helps the students get hands-on practice of being Event Planners. It gives the students the opportunities to grow and learn from their mistakes.

To see more about the Sunday Fun day Field day check out: https://www.ashland.edu/cobe/node/40361#overlay-context=major

Balil Knight is a senior majoring in Sport Management and minoring in Marketing and Business Administration at Ashland University. He is also a member of the fraternity Omega Psi Phi and the Ashland university Football team.

Most majors at Ashland University have a club on campus for their students to attend and participate in with their peers. For Hospitality Management, it is a nationally recognized and award-winning club called NSMH, also known as National Society for Minorities in Hospitality.


This club travels across the country, spreads awareness of Hospitality Management, and has fun doing many other activities. NSMH is home to students who want to further their career with networking, event planning, and gaining leadership experiences and opportunities. NSMH meets every Tuesday at eight in the evening on the first floor in the Dauch College of Business and Economics.

Is it healthy if it tastes like fruit?

Recently the club paired with Eagle Entrepreneurs for their annual Cookie Wars. NSMH came in strong with an interesting take on the average sugar cookie. The society finished their sugar cookies with a pineapple glaze. You will notice a trend when it comes to the club; they love their pineapple. The international symbol for hospitality is the pineapple. NSMH, nationally and locally, have continued to use this mascot proudly.


At the start of the semester, you might have spotted NSMH students serving up pineapple in the lower convocation center to raise awareness of the club. While the club emphasizes their meetings and planning events for the school, the main events for NSMH are their conferences.


NSMH attends two conferences every year. The locations vary across the United States and are always good for a fun road trip with your friends. This year there was three regional conferences. The Northeast Regional Conference was held at the University of Massachusetts Hotel in Amherst Massachusetts. The conference lasted for three days during October 2014. The West/Midwest regional conference was held in San Diego, California at the DoubleTree by Hilton-San Diego Mission Valley. The South/Southeast NSMH region hosted the last regional conference in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel. While the regional conferences are a fun escape from reality, they are truly in preparation for the magnitude that is the National Conference. If you are interested in attending a regional conference next year, check out https://www.nsmh.org for future dates.


The twenty-sixth annual National Conference will be held in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Westin Convention Center will host NSMH chapters from across the nation for four days in early 2015, starting on February twelve and ending on the fifteenth. At this conference, there are endless networking opportunities and events to further the members knowledge of their chosen field. During the 2013 national conference, our very own chapter won the prestigious Chapter of the Year award. This proves the power that our little Ashland University has against other huge educational establishments across the country. To sign up visit, https://www.nsmh.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=179:-national-conference-general-information&catid=57:development-added. Do it soon for better rates!

If National Society for Minorities interest you, follow @NSMHAshland on Twitter for up to date news and information on the club, or e-mail NSMH President Diamond Brown, DBrown24@Ashland.edu, for additional information.


Rachel Csenar is a senior double majoring in Marketing and Hospitality Management with a minor in International Business. She is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority and Enactus.  She also can be found at Tuffy’s, perfecting the common smoothie or serving the Loge and Box Seat guests at Ashland University Football games.

Showcasing Talents of the students in Fashion Merchandising

Students in the Fashion Merchandising major are stepping up their game. The students are preparing garments for the upcoming fashion show on October 30th, 2014. This show features garments made from recycled goods to show that recycling can be used in all areas of life!

The AU fashion merchandising students learn all types of skills to help them succeed. They learn skills from drawing, to measuring, to sewing, to building full outfits. The talents of the students are impeccable!

First Hand knowledge

“As a fashion major, you learn how to sew, operate sewing machines, how to tailor and fit garments. You also learn how to draw and design fashion. You learn textile and how to identify them, test them, and understand quality control. You learn the history of fashion trends to be able to recognize and interpret them in modern fashion. With that, you learn to draw inspiration from them and then you produce them,” said junior Katie Ruick.

Fashion is a Business

As one can see, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into being a Fashion Merchandising major. The students also showcase their business knowledge, and learn how to run a business in the fashion industry. This includes boutiques, lines, and retail buyers and sellers.

The talents of the students are endless. The fashion merchandising majors are phenomenal and demonstrate their creativity and artistic talents as well as their professionalism in the business world.

Picturing the talent is not so hard

To showcase the talents of the students, here are some pictures of recent outfits:


Junior, Katie Ruick, with her newest creation for the recyclable fashion show.

unnamed (1)23

Some students from last year’s Halloween fashion show, showcasing more garments they made.

Photos of completed garments for the fashion show!

image5 image3 image1image4 image2

All of these garments were hand produced by the students in the major to prepare for the fashion show on October 30th, 2014.

As one can tell, there is a lot that goes into the fashion merchandising major.

To learn more, check out the AU Fashion Students on Twitter @AU451Fashion and the newest promotion video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVAJbTsmdxc&feature=youtu.be.

Danyelle Kupfer is a Senior Digital Media Production major with a Journalism minor at Ashland University. She is a member of Alpha Phi and a DJ for WRDL.


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