Hannah Mattar discovered the opportunity through the American Hotel and Lodging Education Foundation. The scholarship is given to hospitality management majors, and she was awarded the scholarship for her junior and senior year at Ashland University. Every year, AH&LEF hosts The Lodging Conference and selects ten universities across the country to select one student to attend the conference at no expense. There were several criteria that the student had to have to be eligible for the conference. Hannah Mattar was the only one at Ashland University to meet the criteria for the conference.

 The Lodging Conference took place at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa, in Phoenix Arizona. It was a four-day event that covered new trends in the industry, profit maximization, and property renovation.

Hannah Mattar learned a tremendous amount of the lodging industry. When asked about the most important skill she gained, Hannah says the ability to network. She had the opportunity to meet CEO’s of prestigious companies from all around the world. As each day of the conference went on, she felt more in her element and at ease when speaking with high-end executives as her peers. Hannah states, “Many of the connections I made at the conference have led to potential job opportunities, which is exciting as I am getting closer to graduation. I am so very thankful that my professors believed in me because without their knowledge and guidance; I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

COBE Cafe Opening Soon

Eagle Entrepreneur Vice President Alex McHugh developed the idea for COBE Cafe last spring. The idea is to bring a Schar-style of service to Dauch sometime this March.

Eagle Entrepreneurs met weekly to strategize and develop a business plan. They collaborated with people from facilities to grasp an understanding of the construction process as well. The Cafe will be managed by students and is a great way for students to build experience in customer service and general management. COBE Cafe’s hours will be Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm. Students will be able to conveniently grab lunch and coffee in between classes.

David Shafer, a member of Eagle Entrepreneurs, quotes, “We are excited to see this plan come to fruition in the next couple of months, and hope that students all across campus can enjoy the COBE Café once it’s finished. We are incredibly thankful for the help that Matt and Fred have extended to us. Their patience and detail orientation has helped the Eagle Entrepreneurs club to get firsthand experience in starting a business; an experience that is incredibly rare for college students to have. We are thankful for their help and credit the AU community on keeping strong relations between students and staff.”

Who else is excited for COBE Cafe?

On April 22nd, 2015, sport management students had an opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes at Progressive Field, the Home of the Cleveland Indians.

Students got to see the service level, batting cages, visitor’s clubhouse, press conference room, field view bullpen seats, and more! For some students, this might have been their first opportunity to explore a professional sports stadium. This allowed students to envision their future career.

Darian Reynolds reflects on the best part of the tour, “Meeting the Guest Clubhouse Manager was my favorite part of the tour because I was able to hear an encouraging story of someone who started as a ball-boy and used drive and determination to work his way up the professional ladder.”

Overall it was a great experience for sport management students. They were able to gain insights in this professional field and the determination and perseverance that goes with it.

Watch the two videos that captures the tour!

College Study Tips

Final exams are sneaking up on us! It can be a challenge balancing classes, studying, working, and finding time to socialize. It is possible, though! Below are some tips that can truly make a difference for your G.P.A.

1. Actually Pay Attention In Class

It is easy to let things distract you while your professor is lecturing. A way to minimize distractions is to put your cell phone in sleep mode. This will keep your phone from vibrating every time you get a text and will minimize distractions for you and your classmates. It increases your ability to focus and resist the urge to scroll through Twitter.

2. Take Great Notes

This will save you time for when the test rolls around. Have your notes be neat and organized and highlight the most important information.

3.  Make Notecards

Write down two or three important pieces of information about the topic in different colored pens to make your mind focus more on what you are reading. Don’t want to write them out? Trying using the website Quizlet.

4. Use Your Resources

As a college student, you probably consider yourself tech savvy. Implement Google and YouTube for learning how to do problems, understanding diagrams, and learning processes!

5. Lastly, Get Some Rest!

Research has consistently shown that taking the time to sleep before an exam will benefit your test score more than four or five hours of staying awake staring at notes that you will not remember.

Good luck on your exams COBE students! What is your number one power studying tip?


A third-year University of Ashland entrepreneurship student has turned her hobby into a business.

Alexandra Vanata started making jewelry this summer and the outcome was amazing. “All of my girlfriends wanted one, and that’s when I decided to start selling them,” Allie said. ALV Jewels began in August of this past summer. “I just hit the four-month mark, and I am thrilled to say I have sold over 1,000 bracelets and am in over 15 boutiques all over the US!”

ALV Jewels is handmade jewelry that combines a classic look with a trendy, bohemian twist. Allie use’s druzy stones as her focus piece and complements them with different color suede and beads. “It’s more than just a stone; they are statements.”


When asked about what makes her jewelry different she replied, “There is nothing else like ALV Jewels on the market right now, and that has set me apart from other jewelry competitors. No stone is the same, and when you shop with me, it is a personal experience.” ALV Jewels does not have a website. Allie prefers to communicate with her customers’ one on one through email and build a relationship with them.

A challenge Allie had to face was being her boss. It has its benefits, but she stressed that deciding what moves to make on her own have been challenging. However, her business classes at Ashland University helped her prepare for ALV Jewelry. “I am so happy to be applying what I’ve learned to ALV Jewels.” Her business planning class with Dr.Sullivan helped her create a business plan for a clothing boutique. Her ultimate goal after graduation is owning a clothing boutique.

Because of starting her own business, Allie has been able to network with influential people, gained critical skills that employers are searching for, and most importantly have a passion for what she does.

Mara Holcomb

Mara is the winner for Tell Your Story! Keep reading to find out what her positive experience with COBE is.

My story begins with that I am a senior here at Ashland University. I am double majoring in Finance and Marketing. One organization that I have been a part of on campus is the Eagle Investment Group. This group has been an honor to be a part of. Eagle Investment has helped me understand how to work with stocks and also how to invest wisely. This group has given me the opportunity to grow close with ten of my colleagues, and we have come together as a team to manage the portfolio. As a team, we invest and manage $1.3 billion of the University’s Endowment. Eagle Investment has taught me more about my passions and also how to apply what I have learned in class to the real world experience. It is an opportunity to grab a hold of and be in. Mara holds just one of the many stories that continue to develop every day at the College of Business and Economics!

Fall Fashion Show 2015 Recap

Just in case you missed Nightmare on College Avenue, here is a recap of the event. The event kicked off around 6:30 pm when the doors of the Ridenour Room opened to swarms of students and professors. The room’s interior reverberated with spooky Halloween decorations.

The focus of this show was to have fashion merchandising students design costumes that you don’t see each year, or that you can’t just pick up and buy from the costume store.  Gabby Vitel, who was co-director of the fashion show quotes, “We wanted each garment to have that “WOW” factor, and I believed we achieved that this year with our pieces.”

The two classes involved with the show were Fashion Analysis and Textiles. Textiles worked on different aspects of the show – from staging, models, promotion and merchandising. Fashion merchandising students had their work cut out for them. Something new they incorporated this year was the use of duct tape. The use of duct tape can be difficult to use, but their pieces turned out very well. Rylee Scott, who was also the co-director of the fashion show, quotes “I definitely think the duck- tape was a challenge for at least everyone in some way. Duck- tape is really hard to work with, either with cutting or making it fit exactly how you need.” The audience saw intricate skirts, shirts, hats, and even boots made from duct tape.

Overall the show was a success! The Ashland University Fashion Show grows each year beyond the previous year. The feedback from guests has been positive, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

What was your favorite costume? Tweet us at @AU_COBE

Click the link to watch the models strut the Haunted Trail.



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