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Students in the Department of Marketing are required to complete one internship within their specific field. Each student’s internship varies by the company and what type of position they are interning for. Marketing internships can range from creative positions to research- and analytics-focused positions. Let’s start to discover where previous students have interned and worked here at Ashland University.

Interning 2.0

Gina Tornabene, a 2013 Ashland University graduate with a degree in marketing, spent her summer interning at the Ohio State Reformatory as the event coordinating and marketing intern. During her internship, she worked alongside clients to set up and run events and even presented venues to prospective clients. Gina also assisted with historical tours, interacted with guests and generated benchmarking metrics to improve the website. The skills she has gained from this internship help set her apart from her competitors when she applied for jobs. The Ohio State Reformatory is better known as the site where The Shawshank Redemption was filmed. If you want to find out more about interning for the Ohio State Reformatory, click on the link HERE.

Interning turns into a full-time job

Taylor Zorman, another 2013 graduate of Ashland University with a marketing degree, spent her summer interning in Cleveland, Ohio at Flashstarts, Inc. Flashstarts, Inc. is a business startup accelerator and venture fund focused on unique and innovative uses of software and technology. During her internship at Flashstarts, Taylor implemented marketing strategies to 10 new businesses in the Flashstarts Summer Program. As a result of her internship, she has gained a full time position with this company. At her full time job, Taylor has created and managed the alumni network, managed summer accelerator programs, and contributed to help special projects for the accelerator team.  If you are like Taylor, your internship could open doors to a potential full time job. If you would like more information on Flashstarts Inc., click HERE here to be directed to their website.


As you can see, internship experience during your time in college is very important. It helps you gain real world experience and more knowledge about the type of business that you want to start a career in. Make an appointment with the AU Career Services Center and start thinking about an internship today!

Brooklyn Moore is a junior with a major in marketing and a minor in hospitality. She is also a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority.


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Mr. Weidenmann

Mr. Wiedenmann

Mr. Eric Wiedenmann is a 1970 Ashland graduate who appreciates the benefits of networking. Today he networks with Ashland University students in a number of ways, especially through his fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi. Mr. Wiedenmann is the president of Market Development Group, Inc., a consulting company in Danville, California. Mr. Wiedenmann used this experience along with his desire to network with students to form Eagle Consulting. Mr. Wiedenmann said that “The idea of establishing Eagle Consulting originated when a colleague who is serving on the Board of Trustees at Ashland University advised me that he had successfully engaged several Ashland students to conduct a customer satisfaction survey for his business. I decided to engage Ohio Theta students as a means to hire talented professionals on an as-needed basis, which would reduce the fixed costs of my firm while at the same time provide students with practical business experience as a way of giving back to Ohio Theta.” Students in this project assisted with strategic business development projects like competitive analysis, market assessments, and review of acquisition candidates. For students working with successful alumni such as Mr. Wiedenmann, it is a great way to gain experience and build their resumes. For Mr. Wiedenmann, it helps his company and is a way to get involved with his Ohio Theta brothers. Mr. Wiedenmann has worked with over twenty-five Ashland students since 2005 alone with one of these being Mr. Ted Brink.

Mr. Brink, a 2011 Ashland graduate, worked with Mr. Wiedenmann through Market Development Group during his senior year. He met Mr. Wiedenmann through the COBE Business Advisory Council. Mr. Brink appreciated working with MDG saying “It was a great experience.  I was able to get a sense of the ins and outs of a number of different fields and businesses.” Mr. Brink had some great advice about networking for current and incoming college students. He said: “1) Start early.  Don’t wait until your senior year to begin networking and building your resume.  I began the fall of my freshman year, which I’m really glad I did.  It allowed me to become more comfortable networking and interacting with recruiters in the first half of my college career, so by the time I was a sophomore and junior I felt very confident approaching employers no matter what the setting.  Also by starting early, I found that the experience I got through my first internship at Four Seasons, along with the fact that I did it as a freshman, was key in me obtaining my 2nd and much more important internship at General Mills. 2) Take chances and get out of your comfort zone.  Approach a large group of recruiters, introduce yourself. Don’t just stand off in the corner and wait for them to talk to you or wait for a friend to introduce you to them. Stick out, show confidence. It will be picked up by anyone you network with. If you have an opportunity to intern in a different part of the country, take it. My best summers were spent in Dallas and Minneapolis for my internships.  Network with everyone, not just employers and recruiters in your specific field because you never know who they will be willing to introduce you to or when they may call you back if a new job at their firm opens up.” As Mr. Wiedenmann and Mr. Brink indicated networking is a very important part of the college experience and can lead to great opportunities. Information for this article was obtained from Mr. Wiedenmann, Mr. Brink, and the August 2014 edition of The Shield, a quarterly publication for Phi Kappa Psi alumni worldwide.



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unnamed Allison Stiger has taken the position as project manager for the Ashland Area Council for Economic Development. Allison is a 2013 Ashland University graduate with a degree in Marketing. While in college, Allison interned with the Workforce, Economic Development and Continuing Education Division at Rhodes State College in Lima, Ohio. As part of her internship, she created promotional materials, wrote press releases and media alerts, and did research on  industry websites to help improve their website’s effectiveness. After graduation Allison was offered an internship with Spire Advertising here in Ashland. That position became a full-time position in September 2013. There Allison gained experience in software training, database management, lead generation, writing reports and managing the billing process. Allison enjoys working with people and she is passionate about seeing Ashland succeed.

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After a long year of focus, dedication, and learning, the nine Eagle Investment Group members were rewarded with the annual trip to New York City. This year marks the 12th trip in the group’s 13 years of existence that the group has capped off the school year with a trip to New York City.

Group members packed suits and dresses for the afternoon tours with our corporate partners and jeans for relaxation time, where we toured the town. This expedition is something the group has fundraised for and is thought of as “the last hoorah” before graduation. The trip began on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, when nine students and two advisors departed for the airport at 4:00AM.

The Trip
The week of touring consisted of an array of events: visiting Battery Park, a full tour of Ground Zero and Federal Hall, a walk past The New York Stock Exchange, a full educational seminar of The Federal Reserve Bank and tour of Gold Vault, a seminar and tour of Abel Noser Headquarters (a stock brokerage firm), a tour of Bloomberg’s headquarters, a walk through The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and finally, a meeting with a Vice President of National Accounts for Axa Financial. The tours and meet and greets with our corporate partners was a great way for students to network and understand company dynamics.

2013-14 EIG Group

2013-14 EIG Group

Even though tours were planned daily, students had the chance to sightsee on their own. Groups went together to see other famous attractions and restaurants that were on their trip “bucket-list.”

Dr. James Falter, is finishing up his first year as Eagle Investment Group advisor. He stated that he is looking forward to many more trips down the road and believes that the trip is, “A great opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a different environment, interacting/observing with varied business, historic, and cultural sites.”

What’s next?
Touring the financial capital of the world is a unique opportunity; one that will never be forgotten. Group members have spent countless hours of the school year together, understanding the ins and outs of what it takes to become a portfolio manager. Some of the group members will continue on the path as portfolio managers, financial planners, or analysts, while others will pursue other interests. Either way, students have great qualifications to contribute to financial firms or just to manage their own retirement plans. The Eagle Investment Group has allowed its members to test drive the finance industry and find their passions.

Senior member, Gavin Mawhorr, said about the trip, “It was great being able to see how the big timers do it. We can see what we’ve learned in Eagle actually being used, and it’s truly amazing.” The trip proved to be a great opportunity to understand “what it takes to walk down Wall Street with anyone”. The trip concluded on Saturday, April 12, 2014.

Senior, Ryan Mullins reading the newspaper outside of the New York Stock Exchange.

Senior, Ryan Mullins reading the newspaper outside of the New York Stock Exchange.

Next Year’s Group
As the school year wraps up, current Eagle members are helping prepare and transition to next year’s group. Next year’s Eagle Investment group will consist of 11 members. This group will be different than past groups for several reasons. First, a change in required majors has been eliminated; students are only required to take several prerequisites to prepare them to join the group. Students in next year’s group are majoring in Actuarial Sciences, Accounting, Corporate and Asset Management Finance. Finally, in the past, members did not get assignments until August; however, next year’s students already have individual assignments and roles and are meeting to discuss investment guidelines, summer accounts, and to continue to plan for the annual golf outing.

The annual golf outing is Eagle’s only fundraiser to fundraise for the New York City trip. Next year’s group has worked hard to find hole sponsors, silent action donations, and invite golfers. The date for the Sixth Annual Eagle Investment Group Benefit Golf Outing is Monday, September 29, 2014. The outing will be held at Westfield Country Club. For more information, visit our social media site or contact Tina Lillo.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Eagle Investment Group, contact Dr. James Falter or visit Eagle Investment Group.

Austin Stritmatter is a junior finance major who will be a part of the Eagle Investment Group his senior year at Ashland University. He is a Resident Assistant and currently serves as an Executive Officer of Student Life.

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Today I’m writing to tell you about an outstanding AU alum who has just won a major award for his outstanding work in the very competitive world of mobile Apps. But I’m getting ahead of the story.

I met Chad Milburn in the fall of 2004 thru Career Development when I requested an intern for help with a BARN CALENDAR produced by the Ashland County Barns and Rural Heritage Society. Chad was the first to answer the email and a great friendship was started. When Chad graduated, I think it helped to show his capabilities as a student in producing a great printed product and I’m sure had some influence in his first job at Brilliance in Beechwood. He has since moved on to Rosetta and is now employed at Recess Creative in Cleveland. Even when in college at AU he had his own company, Chad Milburn Designs, along with a website and even created one of the Christmas Cards for AU.

When moving to Recess Creative, he was allowed to be creatively open which has produced some outstanding mobile Apps. His newest is called PLOTTER.

The reason I’m writing about Chad now is several weeks ago he won a very prestigious award called the WALTER (JWT’S WALTER STARTUP CAMPAIGN) at the SXSW2013 in Austin Texas. There were over 500 applicants for the award and Chad’s team came in first!

Currently Chad is working as LEAD CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIST at Recess Creative in Cleveland. He has a degree is in COMPUTER ART AND GRAPHICS PROGRAMMING. You can find him at his new website http://www.cmilburndesign.com/ or on twitter @cmilburndesign

-Anne Schar

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