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The companies we visited were interesting, some included Jonnesway Enterprise Co. and Kenos Industrial Co. I don’t have a strong desire to work in the manufacturing industry, but talking to the managers really opened my eyes to the world of doing business internationally in my future career. The passion that the workers had for their jobs and the work they performed was something that was very unique to me. I feel like so many Americans I know go through the motions in their jobs everyday but don’t find a great amount of joy in it. But everywhere we went no matter if it was a restaurant or our enterprise visits they take a great pride in what they do. They are constantly asking your opinion of the product and if you’re not satisfied they’re eager to learn what they can do to make it better for you. It’s so personal. They want each and every customer to leave satisfied. They can’t seem to stop talking about their work. Their faces just seem to light up when they talk about the work they do everyday and that’s always something I’ve admired. I have yet to find what I want to do with my life, but I know when I figure it out I want to be that passionate about it. I also learned the lesson of doing your research before meeting with a client. Study their culture and maybe their social media pages to find out their interests. Learn about them before you meet them so you already feel a connection with them. In Asian culture, this relationship takes time to build but when you establish it, they serve as a long time client. It’s interesting to me just how big food culture is in Asia. Everything revolves around food. The events they have, the business deals they make. Joseph Liao, the President of Jonnesway, made this apparent. He said he watches what people order and everything and judges their character just on that. You need to study up on the mannerisms before going over to make sure you don’t do anything to offend a potential client. China is such a big economy that I found by the end of the trip that I want to continue my learning of the language. I think that there are great opportunities that lie in Asia in the business world and I want to be able to communicate to find those. I’m excited to keep learning and hope to visit again soon.


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I feel myself growing as a person everyday. My attitude and outlook toward everything has brightened a little more each day I’m here. The country is beautiful. Our week in Kenting and Hualien was one to never forget. The water was like an ombre blue and the water was so warm and fresh. In Hualien we got to go water tracking. This really forced me to face my fears with heights quickly. I think climbing on wet rocks that I could slip off in a second was a good way to get over my intense fear. Everyone was really supportive though. I’m glad I lived up to the challenge.On our way to Hualien and during our stay we were able to meet different aboriginal tribes and join in their dances and celebrations. They were so welcoming. It was great to see a more traditional way of life in Taiwan, past the busy city life. Our bus ride back to Taichung was extremely scary as most of the journey was spent on a one-lane highway on the edge of a mountain, with only a guardrail separating us from the deadly fall. Even our Chinese professor said she was glad to see us as the journey is long and dangerous. I love our Chinese class. It’s really interesting and I’m actually proud of myself for picking up on it as quick as I have. It’s fun to pick out symbols that we know on our adventures throughout the city on a daily basis. Just going through the city I find myself wanting to know more about the Taiwanese culture. I wonder what the cost of living here is and where a vendor owner lives compares to someone who might work at the school. What is considered a large amount of money to be carrying on you at all times? I want to know about the country economically to compare to that in the United States.

I’ve met so many amazing people from around the world, including Europe and Hong Kong; people I can see myself staying in contact with even after our trip is over. The people here are so friendly and eager to talk to us. I find it funny that the first question most people ask when you first meet is what you think about the food. The food here is very unique. It’s a lot of trial and error, but I have tried and like some really tasty foods. I never thought I would say this, but I have adapted to the heat a little bit. There are still some days that are unbearable, especially with our massive walk up the hill back to school, but it’s getting better. While the companies we have visited do not appeal to me, I still like going and listening to the workers and owners. People take so much pride in their work here. They are eager to talk about the jobs they perform everyday. It makes me excited to start my career when I hear other people so excited about their companies, no matter what the industry. I can’t believe we leave in a week. This whole trip has flown by. I’m very excited to see the adventures that await us in Taipei our last week.

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Stepping off of the plane was suffocating. People can try and explain just how hot it is here and nothing will prepare you for the intense humidity. The first night we decided to explore the night market. There’s so much excitement going on as you approach. It’s like an Asian version of a carnival in the United States. There’s people everywhere playing carnival games such as balloon popping and ring tosses. The vendors and smells were endless. The strongest one that would not leave is stinky tofu. It was everywhere. It is an indescribable smell that once you smell it once, you’ll never forget it. It’s awful even though no matter how many locals you ask, they will rave about it. At some point I will come around to tasting it, but my stomach has not fully adjusted yet. The market offers interesting foods from fresh fruit to bees. It’s overwhelming. When testing the night market out, it’s definitely lots of trial and error. The smells are hard to get past sometimes, but when you do you can find some pretty tasty things. The people here are very friendly. Their faces seem to light up when you say you’re from the U.S. Some are really eager to hear and critique your Chinese. It’s really encouraging when we need to apply the Chinese we are learning in class to the streets. Thursday we toured downtown Taichung. It was so exciting as I’ve always loved city life no matter where it is. The hustle and bustle of all the people is thrilling to me. We visited the Confucius Temple, which was a calming escape amidst the chaos. The rest of the day and Friday was spent exploring the shops around downtown and other markets. The clothes includes various collections of Japanese, Korean and Chinese styles. Walking around I noticed electronics and accessories around every corner. Cases for your phone are extremely jeweled or have some type of cartoon character on it. Disney characters are very popular on everything. If you are looking for something with Mickey Mouse on it, you will be able to find it in under a minute. Saturday was by far my favorite since we arrived. We visited a Buddhist Monastery which was located on the mountain. It was beautiful and so peaceful. It made me want to stop and meditate and just appreciate the beautiful scenery around us. After we went to a theme park further up the mountain and then rode the cable cars over the top and arrived at Sun Moon Lake. This was one scene that I have been looking forward to the most. Even with the rain, it was breathtaking. The lake was beautiful with the mountains surrounding it. There was a heavy fog that formed over the mountains after the rain so when we went out on the boat, they seemed to disappear once we went far enough. It was really cool. So far the country is so beautiful and we have just begun to explore all of its beauty. For me, I went through a great culture shock when first arriving but at the same time, I find it exciting to be out of my comfort zone. It helps me to grow. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey!

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Went to the local night market tonight. It is a really interesting place because it is a combination of street vendors selling food and carnival games. So, in all it is basically a small carnival packed into almost a fifty-by-fifty area. There are so many choices, one could try something new every night and still be trying something new after about two months.Some people tried some type of egg hash brown, which didn’t seem too bad, while others had some type of meat on a stick, which tasted like pork. All-in-all, this is turning out to be an amazing trip. Anyway, hope everyone is having a good time this summer. I know I am. See everyone later.


Jay Beardsley

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Dear readers,

My name is Jay Beardsley. I am a junior attending Ashland University and am participating in the C.O.B.E. in Taiwan summer program. There are about ten of us participating in the program this summer. We arrived in Taiwan on Wednesday July 1, 2015. Since then we have been busy exploring the town of Taichung and integrating our newly acquired vocabulary from our class in the common, everyday situations. It hasn’t been over just one week and already it seems like we’ve done so much in that little time. We have seen Zhong Tai Chan Monastery, Sun-Moon Lake, local Art Museum, the local Jade Market, and a nearby amusement park. These trips have such a wonderful experience that it’s hard to believe such wonders exist in such a small radius on an already sizable island. We have also explored many different restaurants and street vendors on our many adventures deeper into Taichung city. These excursions happen every night, so you never quite know what your next meal may consist of. I can’t wait to see what experiences are waiting for us in the coming weeks. I hope everyone is having a great time this summer. I know I am. Anyway, not too sure how to end a blog, but talk to you guys later. Xiè xie, zài jiàn.


Jay Beardsley

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Students in the Department of Marketing are required to complete one internship within their specific field. Each student’s internship varies by the company and what type of position they are interning for. Marketing internships can range from creative positions to research- and analytics-focused positions. Let’s start to discover where previous students have interned and worked here at Ashland University.

Interning 2.0

Gina Tornabene, a 2013 Ashland University graduate with a degree in marketing, spent her summer interning at the Ohio State Reformatory as the event coordinating and marketing intern. During her internship, she worked alongside clients to set up and run events and even presented venues to prospective clients. Gina also assisted with historical tours, interacted with guests and generated benchmarking metrics to improve the website. The skills she has gained from this internship help set her apart from her competitors when she applied for jobs. The Ohio State Reformatory is better known as the site where The Shawshank Redemption was filmed. If you want to find out more about interning for the Ohio State Reformatory, click on the link HERE.

Interning turns into a full-time job

Taylor Zorman, another 2013 graduate of Ashland University with a marketing degree, spent her summer interning in Cleveland, Ohio at Flashstarts, Inc. Flashstarts, Inc. is a business startup accelerator and venture fund focused on unique and innovative uses of software and technology. During her internship at Flashstarts, Taylor implemented marketing strategies to 10 new businesses in the Flashstarts Summer Program. As a result of her internship, she has gained a full time position with this company. At her full time job, Taylor has created and managed the alumni network, managed summer accelerator programs, and contributed to help special projects for the accelerator team.  If you are like Taylor, your internship could open doors to a potential full time job. If you would like more information on Flashstarts Inc., click HERE here to be directed to their website.


As you can see, internship experience during your time in college is very important. It helps you gain real world experience and more knowledge about the type of business that you want to start a career in. Make an appointment with the AU Career Services Center and start thinking about an internship today!

Brooklyn Moore is a junior with a major in marketing and a minor in hospitality. She is also a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority.

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With all of the talented students in the marketing major at Ashland University, it is hard to showcase each and every one of them, but one particular student and her family “popped” out at me. Mara Holcomb and her family make and sell delicious kettle corns and nuts at fairs and festivals in Ohio from May to the end of October each year. They also receive and ship online orders for their popcorns and nuts on their website to their loyal customers that live out of state and for families who like to ship their college kids and other family members their amazing treats. Mara is currently a sophomore at Ashland University double majoring in Marketing and Finance.

Holcomb's Popcorn

Holcomb’s Classics Kettle Corn. Picture via https://www.holcombsclassics.com/photos

The Holcomb Story

Mara’s family started Holcomb’s Classics around thirteen years ago. They became interested in the kettle corn concession business after seeing a vendor at a state fair popping kettle corn. Now, they were not quite sure how to break into the concession/popcorn business, so they started by doing some research. They were intrigued by the way Gary Mann and his family popped their popcorn. Gary and his family resurrected an old way of popping popcorn in large kettles while adding something sweet such as honey, molasses, or sugar. Mara’s family thought that Gary had a great idea and they decided that the kettle corn would be a great way to break into the concession business. Their products have expanded over the years and they now include caramel corn, cheese corn, cinnamon roasted nuts, and the basic classic kettle corn.

Mara Holcomb (middle) and the Holcomb Family.

Mara Holcomb (middle) and the Holcomb Family.

The Family Support

Now, Mara just doesn’t sit back and let her family do all the work. She actively assists in the family business in multiple ways. Besides going to fairs and festivals with the family to sell their products, Mara also assists by helping in the digital marketing of her family’s products. She helped to design and market the Holcomb’s Classics website with her dad, which was launched this past April. She also helps to maintain the website and the Holcomb’s Classic Facebook page as well.

Once a year, Mara also brings some of her family’s popcorn to Ashland University. She and the Girl’s Ashland University Club Basketball team sell her family’s delicious popcorn to the students here at AU. The sales of the popcorn are used to help raise money for the girl’s club team and are divided between the girl’s club team and the Holcomb family. But no matter where the money goes, the real beneficiaries are the students and faculty receiving the amazing popcorn.

The Future

The Holcomb family is considering attempting to grow their product line and their customer base by appearing and selling their products at more fairs and festivals among the surrounding states. But as of right now, Mara and her family are happy where the family business stands and are enjoying providing delicious kettle corns and nuts to their loyal patrons.

Learning More

If you want to learn more about Holcomb’s Classics, visit their website at: https://www.holcombsclassics.com/

Or Like their page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HolcombsClassics

Josh Gullett is a senior double major in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. He is a member of Enactus and is currently the head coach of the Women’s Club Basketball team.

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