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There are many interesting and fun internship opportunities that are available to Sport Management majors. You can choose from a variety of options, from working with a highly known team like the Cleveland Indians to working at a high school athletic department. Within these internships, students learn to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to real life scenarios.

Shelbie Johnson, an Ashland University Sport Management major, had an amazing internship opportunity. Shelbie is a junior at AU and is involved in many other activities on campus. She is the president of the Sport Business Club, has done field experience with the AU compliance director and has worked with the Ashland High School athletic director.

Expanding Horizons

Shelbie’s internship opportunity was with Delaware North Target Field Sportservice in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This company has provided memorable experiences for nearly 100 years.  From sports and entertainment venues, to gaming destinations; from parks and resorts to bustling travel hubs, the hospitality management team works across the United States and around the globe to ensure that all guests enjoy these special places.

As an intern, Shelbie gained much experience and many opportunities to learn more about the field. Her main responsibilities within this internship included:

  • Supervising concessions/non-profit and vending personnel

    Shelbie Johnson, a junior Sport Management major.

    Shelbie Johnson, a junior Sport Management major.

  • Ensuring concession stations are set up for each business day
  • Preparing various sales and operational reports as required; analyze product usage.
  • Ensuring that proper sanitation procedures are followed
  • Keeping records of menu item sales and waste
  • Preparing for the 2014 MLB All Star Game
  • Supervising the self-serve draft beer machines

During her experience at Target Field, she was also able to be a part of the Minnesota Twins hosting the 2014 MLB All Star Game Events.

A Love for the Game

When asked if she enjoyed her internship at Target field, she said:

“I loved the internship! I worked with amazing people and got to experience new things every day. No day was ever the same and it kept things very interesting.”

In response to asking Shelbie how she thinks she could use her experiences she gained in this internship in her future career, she said:

“It benefited me because I was able to make numerous connections that have led me to meeting other management teams at other ball parks. I have great references now.”

Last, noted her favorite thing about working at Target Field:

“My bosses are very helpful and always sending me helpful info for the future and are always willing to help me prepare for interviews. Overall, it was a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and experience the real world.”

As Shelbie and I talked about her internship, it was clear that she was just so excited about it. It is great to be able to pair something that you love and have an interest in with your career path and internship opportunity. Shelbie is just one example of a student at Ashland University who has had the opportunity to work with an established company like Delaware North. She will carry her internship experiences with her in her future endeavors.

Want to learn more about Shelbie’s internship opportunity? Check out the company here

Margo Miller is a junior and doubling majoring in marketing and psychology at Ashland University. She is also a member of Delta Zeta sorority and hopes to pursue a career in consumer behavior.


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What is Sport Management?

Sport management degrees offer students important knowledge and skills centered on finance, management, marketing and law relating to organizations in the sports industry. Sport management is an ever-changing field where business, entertainment and sports come together.

A degree in sport management can prepare you for careers with amateur, collegiate and professional sports organizations. The sports industry in the U.S., including careers in sport management, creates over $200 billion annually, which means there are tremendous opportunities available (Atkins, 2013).

Many professionals believe that the right internship can be helpful for starting a career in the competitive sports industry, and some students can land front office positions with professional sports teams because they chose to earn a sport management degree. We will look at these opportunities a little later on.

What can I do with Sport Management?

The focus of one’s sport management career depends on the sub-field that he or she specializes in. Managing players on college or professional sports teams may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sport management, but it is actually much broader than you think. The career also includes office systems, marketing, events and facilities.

A person with a sport management degree could range from being a head coach to a PR executive. Sports management professionals can also be found in business and medicine. In many cases, this would require the professional to achieve further education beyond his or her bachelor’s degree.

In a sports medicine program, one might learn how to teach college football players how to stay healthy and keep fit by eating the right kinds of foods, or helping a tennis player deal with the psychological difficulties of stress and competition that come with being a professional athlete.

A sport management degree offers a variety of opportunities that can allow you to turn your love of sports into a career!

Cool Classes

There are so many classes offered to sport management majors at Ashland University. Since the major is located in the Dauch College of Business & Economics (COBE), sport management students take core business classes such as Principles of Marketing and Introduction to Management.

Courses directly related to sport management include:

  • Current Trends in Sport
  • Research in Sport
  • Ethics and Social Issues in Sport
  • Psychology of Sport and Coaching
  • Leadership in Sport.

My favorite of these courses, Psychology of Sport and Coaching, is a discussion of general psychological factors which characterize sports, such as personality of the athlete, personality of the coach, motivation, emotion, aggression, and social factors which are unique in sports and coaching.

Upperclassman/Internship Opportunities

There are many internship opportunities for upperclassman looking to increase their experience and fulfill the COBE requirements. Just some companies/teams that students with this major have interned for include:

  • Cleveland Indians
  • Quicken Loans Arena
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Columbus Blue Jackets

Internships help students gain real world experience and can increase the likelihood of find a job after graduation. The more prepared you are for the real world, the more opportunities you have for success.

Want to know more about Ashland University’s Sport Management program? Click here to check it out!

Margo Miller is a junior and doubling majoring in marketing and psychology at Ashland University. She is also a member of Delta Zeta sorority and hopes to pursue a career in consumer behavior.

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So, what is it really like to be a student, athlete, club executive, AND Sport Management major? I asked Carly West, a Senior at Ashland graduating with a major in Sport Management and a minor in Business Administration, to find out if her experience has been a home run or a strike out.

Q: At what point in your schooling did you decide to become the Sport Management program? Did you know right away after high school graduation?

A: When I first got accepted to AU, I was interested in becoming a teacher but this changed right when I registered for classes. I knew in high school I wanted to be involved in sports, so I thought teaching and coaching would be my route. However, I was not wholeheartedly set on it and switched to sport management.

Q: What has your experience been with the classes for the major? Image

A: My experience in my classes for sport management has been very beneficial and applicable to numerous areas of sport. The smaller classroom sizes help and with sport management being a smaller major on campus, I am close with my sport management peers.

Q: Do you have a favorite class that you have taken?

A: My favorite class is Facility and Design because the class Dr. Brubaker taught was very hands on and we were able to create our own facilities and present them to our classmates.

Q: Do you have a favorite teacher? If so, what sets them apart?

A: I can’t say that I have a favorite teacher in sport management. Each professor has given me great growth opportunities in their classes and challenges me in their own ways.

Q: Are you involved with the Sport Business Club on campus?

A: I am a four-year member of the Sport Business club. In my final year, I have been the secretary.

Q: That is amazing! What activities have you been involved with? What experience have you had with the club?

A: I have been a part of is our monthly meetings for SBC, our philanthropy projects we host in the spring, and other activities such as dodge ball fundraisers near Christmas to adopt children for local churches. My experience with these activities has allowed me to share my knowledge with the younger SBC students and to also see where we have taken the program.

Q: What event has been most successful for the club? What were the results of the event?

A: The most successful event this year was the Adopt-A-Child dodgeball event. Our SBC students donated a few dollars each to compete against one another. All of the money ($80) went towards two children at a local church. We adopted one boy and one girl and they both received gifts from their wish list.

Q: I know you work some on campus sporting events, how did you get involved with that? How long have you been doing it? What does it entail?

A: I am in my fourth year working on campus in the athletic department. I was blessed that my coach mentioned the job to me and I applied and received it coming in as a freshman. I am in the office daily running errands for the administrative assistant. When it comes to athletic events, I work every basketball game and some wrestling meets. I enjoy being around the athletic contests and that’s what its all about. It’s not going to be just a 9-5 job. The extra hours are going to be there on weekends and late nights.

Q: So, how does having a Sport Management major and Business Administration minor compliment each other?

A: My sport management major complements my business minor with overlapping principles. My marketing courses in my minor give me transferable skills to put towards my sport marketing course. The same thing with finance classes; they are the same principles just with our sport-aspect twist.

Q: What do you plan on doing as a career with this combination of degrees?

A: For my career I plan to get involved with event planning for a professional or collegiate team.

ImageQ: Have you had an internship? If so, can you expand on your experience with the internship?

A: In the summer of 2013, I moved to Johnson City, TN to work for the rookie-affiliated team of the St. Louis Cardinals, the Johnson City Cardinals. It was a smaller organization that allowed me to work in ticket sales, merchandise, on field promotions, concessions, and even the mascot! I loved the experience and the people I worked with; I still keep in contact with some of them to this day.

Q: Do you think that being an athlete gives you a greater insight for the major?

A: I believe being an athlete helps you appreciate the sports you’re around. You know what it takes and what students are going through while being athletes. So, when it comes to marketing a sport or athletic contest, you want to be sure you’re doing your job to promote their hard work. It’s simple: you want to be around things you enjoy, and for me it has been sports.

Q: In your opinion, what is the #1 reason a prospective student should consider sport management as a major or minor?

A: The number one reason a student should consider a sport management major is because it is such a fast growing industry. Within sport, there are numerous job opportunities to approach, like players moving teams, sport management can transition jobs within organizations; for example, starting in sales to becoming a manager of some sort.


Whether you are an athlete or a student with a passion for sports and/or business, Sport Management just may be your calling. With various ways to get involved on campus and hundreds of job opportunities, a Sport Management degree just may be your way to score big in life! Want to learn more? Check out more about the Ashland University Sport Management department here.

 *Pictures used in this blog are from the Johnson City Cardinals website, ashland.edu, and google images.

Jessie Perry is a senior at Ashland University pursuing a career in Corporate Wellness via her double major in Business Management and Marketing and dual minor in Entrepreneurship and Nutrition. She is involved heavily at the REC Center as she is the Group Exercise Manager/ Lead Fitness Instructor.

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Why Ashland?


With over 35 sport management programs offered from colleges and universities in the state of Ohio, one might wonder what separates Ashland University from its competitors. Aside from Ashland being a private institution that has recently lowered tuition by $10,000 a year, making it one of the most affordable private institutions in the Midwest, Ashland’s sport management program offers students something from outside of the classroom: experience in the real world.

I sat down with associate professor Dr. Lance Kaltenbaugh who has been teaching at AU since 2000 to discuss why Ashland’s sport management program is unique. Kaltenbaugh is also the Internship Coordinator of the sport management program.

Kaltenbaugh not only highlighted why Ashland’s program is unique in Ohio, but in the entire United States.

“Versus an Ohio or versus any other university or college in the United States, we have three separate what we call practicums or field experiences that we have in our core. They are all three required with credit,” Kaltenbaugh said. “I don’t know of any other institution in the state of Ohio or outside of the state that offers more than two, so that makes us unique.”


Although each student who graduates with a sport management degree from Ashland is required to complete at least three field experiences, the student is in charge of finding their own field experiences and are not just given the jobs from the professors.

“For our field experiences and our internships, students are provided lists of where past students have gone, where we have alumni, where we have built relationships over the years,” Kaltenbaugh said. “That information is given to the student where then they make the contact. One thing that I always preach to the student is that we hold the student accountable. They hold their academic success in their own hands.”

The program is set up this way in order to allow the students to make connections themselves and get real-world experience of making those connections on their own.

“That’s what the agencies want. They want the student to contact them directly,” Kaltenbaugh said.  “We’re in the process of creating an internship directory that’s going to have a list of 100 to 500 different places that students could go do their field experiences or internship, so that’s going to be a source at their fingertips where they can do it at the leisure of their home.”

This directory, with an extensive list of different places the students can go to complete their field experiences, will be separate from Career Services and will be unique to the sport management program. The directory will also be broken up into specific fields of sport management that the student may want to pursue such as campus recreation, intercollegiate athletics, municipal recreation and professional sports.

Former and current students such as Emlyn Knerem, Ian Wharton, Alex Sheil and Chris Kohuth highlight the different fields they have broken into studying sport management at Ashland University. http://www.ashland.edu/cobe/experiences


At the end of the day, what is one thing every student wants when they graduate? A job. Ashland’s sport management program’s set-up gives a student with a degree from Ashland University the upper-hand over someone with the same degree from another institution when hitting the job market. Agencies looking to hire in the field of sport management cares about experience above all.

“Their number one reason that they hire a student out of college is not based on the degree that they have or the paper that they hold in their hand. It’s based on the experience that they have. So when our students walk away from Ashland University with three separate experiences, plus their degree, it makes them not only diverse, but it makes them more marketable than other sport management students they’re competing against for the same jobs,” Kaltenbaugh said. “This is coming directly from the agencies.”

Continued Education

If you want to continue your education past your bachelor’s degree, Ashland’s sport management program has got you covered. The sport management program was recently introduced to the College of Business & Economics in fall of 2012, transferring from the College of Education to not only prepare students better for the job market, but to make it an easier transition get into an MBA program, particularly Ashland’s sport management MBA program.

“We are finding that our undergraduate degree fits very well into our Sport Management MBA, so students who are then seeking a graduate degree can move right into the MBA program and not really have to hit a wall or stop. They can just transition very easily into those types of programs,” Kaltenbaugh said. “Having an MBA sport management program for graduate, even though this is undergrad, is still our selling point, as well.”


When graduating with a sport management degree from AU, the options for these students post-graduation are endless. The program allows students to connect with hundreds of agencies and gain real-world experience with these agencies in all sorts of fields pertaining to sport management. If you want to go and get your MBA, you will be prepared for that as well. When you graduate with a degree in sport management from Ashland University, you will be hold an edge over other potential job and graduate school candidates from other institutions; not only because of your education, but because of your connections and experiences you made in the process as well.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get to work in a place like this one day, like other Ashland University graduates.

cleveland cavaliers

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The newest addition to the Dauch College of Business & Economics is the Sport Management department. With this department comes many new opportunities for students to major or minor in Sport Management. For the students that look to pursue a career in Sport Management, the department has many opportunities for obtaining internships.

The head of internships in the Sport Management Department is Lance Kaltenbaugh. As a current student who has a Sport Management minor, I have received weekly emails for the last three years with the most recent news and opportunities to obtain an internship in the Sport Management field. The weekly emails are a way to constantly stay up to date with opportunities that are presented to Lance and he shares with the department and the students who are in the major or minor.

One of the most recent opportunities that was presented to the Sport Management majors and minors was a job internship fair with the Akron Rubber Ducks, which is a minor league baseball team in Akron, OH. This job internship fair had many opportunities for students who were interested in working in a minor league sports team in areas such as Ticketing and Promotions and Marketing. This is just one example of an opportunity that students may receive via email from Lance.

Students in the major are required to have an internship before they are eligible to graduate, which makes the demand and interest in internships in Sport Management so high. Students have interned with the following companies:

  • Ashland University Sports Marketing Department
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Local High School Athletic Departments
  • Columbus Crew

And many more companies!

When obtaining an internship, it is very important to build a relationship with your co-workers and supervisors. This is an important thing to do because when it comes to obtaining a job after graduation or acquiring a letter of recommendation, the relationships you build with those that are higher up can significantly help in the long run. As many may have heard, “It is all about who you know and the experiences you have”. By going to career fairs, speaking with employers and following up, it leaves an impression on the employer which may lead to opportunities in the future.

Many students have had great success obtaining a job through their internship experiences. Some of the companies where previous Sport Management majors are working are:

  • Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Cleveland Indians
  • Portage Country Club

Real world experiences not only give students a stronger understanding of the field but they help them to determine if the area that they are interning in is one that they want to work in after graduation. Internships help students get the real world experience they need to determine if their future is in this field.

If an internship in Sport Management is something that interests you, find out more information about the major, curriculum, and internships. Visit http://www.ashland.edu/cobe/majors/sport-management to find out all you need to know about the Sport Management department.

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I am currently half way through my internship with the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs Ruby League Club. During my time here I have had the opportunity to work with a number of different departments within the organization doing a variety of tasks. A few of the highlights so far have included:

  • Interviewing the Director of Football Operations Alan Thompson: During the interview he talked about how he got to where he is now, he highlighted some of the tasks that he is required to do as part of his job and gave me some advice on how to be successful in the sports industry. It was an opportunity that gave me an idea of a career path that I might want to pursue in the future.
  • Doing a social media analysis of NBA teams: I was asked to look at how teams in the NBA use social media and to analyze the effectiveness of their methods and then to put together a Social Media Analysis that made recommendations to the Bulldogs. I looked at the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube accounts of all of the NBA teams and made projections on what I thought were the most effective methods of social media for all of the teams and why.
  • Game Days: On game days I have been given the opportunity to experience many different aspects of how everything is run. One of the games I worked at the customer service kiosk answering fans’ questions and handing out marketing materials, at another game I worked at the membership desk signing up new members and handing out membership benefit packs. The most exciting game was the one where I worked with the event operations team, where I was on the field for the pregame and half time entertainment to assist with the set up and running of entertainment.

So far the experience has been an enjoyable one. I have been able to get hands on experience in so many aspects of a sports organization that I wouldn’t have been able to get from classroom learning.

ANZ Stadium

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Hello Sport Management summer 2013 interns:

I am inviting you to post pictures and comments concerning your internships in response to this post. I know many of you are doing some impressive things within the sports industry.  Some of you are even conducting your internships internationally. Why not share your experiences with us all? I look forward to hearing from you in this dedicated space. Have fun.

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