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Showcasing Talents of the students in Fashion Merchandising

Students in the Fashion Merchandising major are stepping up their game. The students are preparing garments for the upcoming fashion show on October 30th, 2014. This show features garments made from recycled goods to show that recycling can be used in all areas of life!

The AU fashion merchandising students learn all types of skills to help them succeed. They learn skills from drawing, to measuring, to sewing, to building full outfits. The talents of the students are impeccable!

First Hand knowledge

“As a fashion major, you learn how to sew, operate sewing machines, how to tailor and fit garments. You also learn how to draw and design fashion. You learn textile and how to identify them, test them, and understand quality control. You learn the history of fashion trends to be able to recognize and interpret them in modern fashion. With that, you learn to draw inspiration from them and then you produce them,” said junior Katie Ruick.

Fashion is a Business

As one can see, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into being a Fashion Merchandising major. The students also showcase their business knowledge, and learn how to run a business in the fashion industry. This includes boutiques, lines, and retail buyers and sellers.

The talents of the students are endless. The fashion merchandising majors are phenomenal and demonstrate their creativity and artistic talents as well as their professionalism in the business world.

Picturing the talent is not so hard

To showcase the talents of the students, here are some pictures of recent outfits:


Junior, Katie Ruick, with her newest creation for the recyclable fashion show.

unnamed (1)23

Some students from last year’s Halloween fashion show, showcasing more garments they made.

Photos of completed garments for the fashion show!

image5 image3 image1image4 image2

All of these garments were hand produced by the students in the major to prepare for the fashion show on October 30th, 2014.

As one can tell, there is a lot that goes into the fashion merchandising major.

To learn more, check out the AU Fashion Students on Twitter @AU451Fashion and the newest promotion video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVAJbTsmdxc&feature=youtu.be.

Danyelle Kupfer is a Senior Digital Media Production major with a Journalism minor at Ashland University. She is a member of Alpha Phi and a DJ for WRDL.


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The Fashion Merchandising department may be small, but it is mighty. Each Fashion Merchandising student is required to complete one internship within their field. Student internships vary by company and type of position, whether it’s buying, styling or working on visuals for a store. Let me take you on a journey of two AU fashionistas’ summer internships!

Interning 101

Teah Kullman, a senior Fashion Merchandising major, spent her summer interning in Canton, Ohio at Mainstream Boutique. Her daily tasks differed, which is one of the reasons she loved and appreciated her internship. Teah was responsible for visual merchandising such as dressing mannequins, store window displays, and wall displays. She was also responsible for updating the boutique’s social media pages, including Facebook and Instagram, daily. Along with visuals and social media, Teah also assisted with buying orders and styling the clients. Her favorite task was to help style and dress models for the Hall of Fame Fashion Show – how exciting!

Teah modeling one of Mainstream Boutique's new tops for summer.

Teah modeling one of Mainstream Boutique’s new tops for summer.

The knowledge that one gains from an internship expands on the knowledge one gains in the classroom. Teah says she learned so many skills in class that she put to use this summer such as visual merchandising and styling. She had to stay up-to-date with current trends to be able to properly style her customers. When seasons change, you must transition the visuals and make sure the creative displays are attractive and relevant to customers and the season. Teah says her most enjoyable experience from her internship is being able to work side by side with her supervisors, Rebecca and Elizabeth. According to Teah, they are extremely knowledgeable in fashion and business that she loved learning from them.

Mainstream Boutique is a franchise-based boutique that has multiple locations spread out over 16 different states, but the shop Teah worked with was fairly new; it just celebrated its first anniversary! They recently won the Akron/Canton Hot List in the Boutique category – so exciting! The boutique donates to different charities each month and holds in store events to raise money for charities. This summer, the boutique released their own private label, which is amazing because boutiques do not often create their own lines. To find out more about Mainstream Boutique, click here.

The Business of Fashion

Laura Carley, a senior Fashion Merchandising major, had the privilege to intern during the summer at Altar’d State, located in Mason, Ohio. Her duties consisted of visual merchandising and mannequin styling, which she loved! Laura’s visuals entailed creative window displays and detailed wall displays, like the one shown in the image below.


Wall display created by Laura!

Altar’d State is displayed in sections:

  • Romantic
  • Modern Classic
  • Bohemian Chic

This is a great way to display a store because it appeals to customer’s preferences and makes for a friendly shopping environment. If a customer has a bohemian style, then they may gravitate towards that section, where they will enjoy that style of sector do not have to walk around the entire store looking for pieces to match.

Visual Merchandising table Laura styled and created.

Visual Merchandising table Laura styled and created.

Laura most enjoyed the work environment within the store, as well as her coworkers and managers. Her managers were wonderful individuals to learn from because they provide a great amount of guidance for the interns. Laura’s most valuable experience was enhancing her analytical and problem solving skills. She also enjoyed the vast amount of freedom that was given to her to complete her tasks. She loved styling and dressing mannequins according to current trends and season. To see some of the current merchandise at Altar’d State, click here.


Olivia Morris is a Fashion Merchandising major with a minor in Business Administration and Marketing. She is also a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority.





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Let’s take a look into the Major

Fashion Merchandising is a booming major at Ashland University! It has been recognized in the top 20 percent of the fashion merchandising programs in the US in 2013 by Fashion-Schools.org. The program seeks to continue to climb the ranks with all of the exciting opportunities it has to offer.

The latest remodeling of Dauch 110, the fashion merchandising classroom, has helped the majors gain more hands on experience. The room includes all new white boards, hanging extension cords to assist when sewing, and a materials closet to store fabrics and sewing machines.

Dauch Fashion Merchandising and Design Center

Dauch Fashion Merchandising and Design Center

Getting a Degree

With the fashion merchandising major growing faster at AU, there is a lot more activity happening. The major has gained more students who have declared fashion merchandising as a major and/or minor.


There are different degrees within the major: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business, and Bachelor of Science and Arts. Each of these differ by the college core. If a student is pursuing the Bachelor of Business, then he or she must complete the business core. Going for the Bachelor of Arts? That student must be sure to do the Arts core. Different degrees are available for now because the major only became a part of the College of Business in 2013. All students starting the program in 2013 or later will be receiving a Bachelor of Business degree.

Going from Green to Black

The Fashion Promotion class is producing and hosting a recycled fashion show on October 30th, 2014. The theme is “Green is the New Black”. Three of the fashion classes will be producing garments from either old clothes or recycled goods. The Fashion Promotions class is also reaching out to companies around Ashland for donated recycled materials.

This is a great way to get the campus involved in the fashion merchandising major. Students can support their friends at the show and check out some creative ideas for how to “go green” in fashion. The fashion shows can attract more students to the major and look great on the fashion merchandising students’ resumes. The Fashion Merchandising major is rising slowly but it will take off as the years go on.

Learning More

To learn more about the major, visit the Ashland University website for Fashion Merchandising at: https://www.ashland.edu/cobe/majors/fashion-merchandising



Danyelle Kupfer is a Senior Digital Media Production major with a Journalism minor at Ashland University. She is a member of Alpha Phi and a DJ for WRDL.

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In small town Ashland, Ohio, the Fashion Merchandising major is up and coming. With the major moving into the Dauch College of Business and Economics in 2013 and the debut of a brand new classroom, the Fashion Merchandising major is officially re-vamped. There are so many opportunities for both underclassman and upperclassman here at AU. Check out more information on the Fashion Merchandising Program here.

Why Choose AU?

AU not only offers amazing programs for their students like studying abroad at the Paris Fashion Institute and the Fashion Institute of Technology, but it emerges you in your studies your freshman year of college. Underclassman classes include:

  • Fashion Analysis
  • Fashion Industry
  • Studio I
  • Clothing and Culture
  • Ready to Wear Analysis

Every freshman Fashion Merchandising major will take Fashion Analysis, which is an amazing class to start with in your first year. In Fashion Analysis, students learn the basics of drawing the 9-headed figure, discovering their own personal color palettes, and finding out the shape of their faces and bodies. This class is project oriented and extremely hands-on.

Here at AU, it is great to have small classes where you build a relationship with the professor. Dr. Nancy Morris does a wonderful job getting know each and every student starting their freshman year.

Upperclassmen Opportunities

As upperclassmen in the Fashion Merchandising department, the students are able to take all of the knowledge they have learned from the first two years and put it to the test!

One of the amazing opportunities upperclassmen have is to put together the annual AU fashion show. Each year, the Fashion Promotion class picks a theme, and then plans and implements a full fledge fashion show! So fun, right? The theme this year is Green is the New Black, which is an Eco Friendly concept. The class will be using garments that are either from local boutiques, eco friendly fabric, or made from eco friendly material. The five teams that produce the fashion show are:

  • Co-Directors
  • Promotion Team
  • Merchandise Team
  • Model Team
  • Staging Team

See you at the show on October 30, 2014 at 7pm in Upper Convo!

Have you ever wanted to visit cities like Paris and New York City and be able to volunteer and intern at fashion houses? Here at AU, the Fashion Merchandising program gives each Fashion Merchandising student the chance to be able to study at the Paris Fashion Institute or the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Here are several examples of study abroad opportunities:

  • Volunteer at Fashion Week
  • Network beyond classrooms
  • Gain international perspectives
  • Increase foreign language skills
  • Travel and learn the city beyond tourism

Graduation ceremony at the Fashion Institute of Technology that an AU student would participate in.


To learn more about the study abroad opportunity at the Paris Fashion Institute, click here. For more information on the Fashion Institute of Technology, click here.

With all of the experience and knowledge an Ashland University Fashion Merchandising student can gain, they are on their way to a career in merchandising, management, styling and more!


Olivia Morris is a Fashion Merchandising major with a minor in Business Administration and Marketing. She is also a member of Alpha Delta Pi.

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Looking for a brand new exciting experience? The Fashion Merchandising program at AU offers a once in a lifetime experience in Paris. As a fashion student, you will spend a month (June 1-28th) in Paris at the Paris Fashion Institute, earning credits that transfer to Ashland University. When you graduate, you’ll be ready to begin your career and bring the latest fashion knowledge to the marketplace. Check out more information on studying abroad:

Why Study Abroad?

  • Gain an international dimension in your academic program and expand your range of course options.
  • Develop a global resume and increase your marketability.
  • Increase your proficiency in a foreign language.
  • Improve your cross-cultural and communication skills.
  • Travel beyond tourism.
  • Understand the interdependent of the U.S. and other countries.
  • Enhance your sense of independence and self-confidence.
  • Assess your career options and clarify your personal goals.

While studying at the Paris Fashion Institute, students learn the inside mechanics of fashion, an overall view of the design industry and how a design studio operates. In addition, they learn how a collection is created from color to silhouette, to fashion terminology, and the true value of a garment. Other topics include sales, promotions, consumer behavior, buying patters, and distribution channels.

Students learn and are inspired by observing people, their habitats, and their personal interests. The Paris Fashion Institute guides students into famous fashion haunts, trend-setting boutiques, and stores to understand the inspiration behind individual retail stores.

Hall of Mirrors. Photo taken by Laura Carly.

Hall of Mirrors.

Photos taken by Laura Carly.

Paris is considered the fashion capital of the world, as well as the richest cultural city. The Paris Fashion Institute guides students through mosaics of artists and historical references. Three guided tours of the most important museums of Paris are conducted and a day trip to Versailles is included. In addition, minimal French is taught to incoming students to enable that they can get around the city individually.

Class Structure at PFI:

Classes are Monday through Friday and are taught in English.

Design & Product Workshop:

  • Design
  • Fabric & Color
  • Manufacturing
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Product Positioning
  • Retailing
Example of AU student's work. Idea Board.

Example of AU student’s work. Idea Board.











Creative Analytic Workshop

  • Fashion Illustration
  • Fashion Promotion
  • History of Fashion
  • Art History
  • Lecturers
  • Survival French
Paris Fashion Institute

Paris Fashion Institute

The Paris Fashion Institute campus is located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris next to Parc Montsouris, a peaceful oasis in the midst of the City, where artists and painters set up their own ateliers. With the metro just across from the campus, Paris is truly at your fingertips.


Dr. Nancy Morris, head of the fashion department at Ashland University, has seen students take away an international experience, as well as the opportunity to combine fashion design and other aspects of the fashion world. In addition, it has given students the opportunity to obtain firsthand experience with people in the industry. Dr. Morris believes the most beneficial time for a student to embark on this experience is at the end of their sophomore year. This allows students to narrow their interests, as well as receive an internship during their junior year, which is required to graduate. Dr. Morris says students who are outgoing, social, willing to accept new culture and be open to change will be the most successful at PFI. With this study abroad program, students fulfill their entire GPS requirements, which includes FS 211: Clothing and Culture.

Inside the experiences of AU Fashion Students:

Laura Carly, Senior Fashion Major.

Laura Carly, Junior Fashion Major.

Laura Carly, a junior fashion major at Ashland University, believes this program is absolutely necessary to students pursuing a fashion major. She states, “It opens your eyes to a different culture, especially when you are in the fashion capital of the world. It also gives you hands on experience with professions in the fashion industry, which is essential to fashion majors.” Laura gained a new found appreciation for American culture, as well as French culture. She went into the program not knowing what to expect and walked away knowing what she was interested or not interested in. She found she enjoyed aspects of textiles and printmaking, as well as pricing garments, trying to target specific audiences, pricing, colors, and inventory. Laura got the opportunity to work a fashion show with designers, and to work with the models. In addition, within the classroom, famous fashion icons were guest speakers, sharing their insight and roles in the fashion industry. Laura states if she could have done anything differently, it would have been to research the culture, landmarks, and history more prior to arriving in Paris, as well as explore more of the city by herself. Laura says, “Paris itself is a really romantic and inspiring city and sticks with you when you leave. This experience has opened by eyes to a different culture, as well as opportunities and how much you can do with a fashion degree.”



Brandon Ziegler and Yanina Couture.

Brandon Ziegler and Yanina Couture.

Brandon Ziegler, a senior fashion major at Ashland University, gained a whole new appreciation for the fashion world after attending PFI. Brandon never planned on this being his long-term career and attending Paris was an introduction into the fashion industry. He had never worked retail before, and this experience solidified his feeling that he would enjoy a career in fashion. In addition, the study abroad experience experience gave him more motivation and reassurance to pursue a fashion degree. According to Brandon, the biggest thing he gained from this experience was reassurance. His favorite part of this trip was exploring a new culture and figuring out how to adapt to a completely new culture. If Brandon could have done anything differently, it would have been to go earlier and plan ahead more. Major aspects of the experience that stood out to Brandon included the people’s willingness to help. Brandon states, “We don’t just take classes and leave, if you want to stay they will do as much as they can to help you. Really, it’s up to you to find the spots and make it happen. They would pair our interests with other designers and cared about our success.” Brandon worked with Diane Pernet, a designer, who helped Brandon emerge himself in the fashion world by attending events, fashion shows, and working hands on with designing. Brandon’s goal is to design and someday have his own label.


To find out more information regarding study abroad programs and the Fashion Paris Institute, contact Dr. Nancy Morris, at nmorris@ashland.edu or visit the Ashland University Fashion Merchandising website for more information at http://www.ashland.edu/cobe/majors/fashion-merchandising.

Jessica Steible is a marketing major and double minor in fashion merchandising and studio art minor at Ashland University. She is a part of the Varsity Swim Team and currently the marketing chair for Colleges Against Cancer, as well as a marketing fashion intern for B.E. Humble.

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A pivotal moment will come in every college career. It’s called graduation.

Yes, graduation calls for a lot of anxiety about the upcoming future, but, hopefully, it calls for a great deal of excitement, too! At this point, you may have your first “real” job, and you’re patiently awaiting for your first day. You’ve mapped out exactly how to get there, how long it will take, and what you’re going to pack for lunch. Your next question? What are you going to wear?!

Transitioning from your sweatpants and messy bun to professional work attire is a big change, but don’t worry – Ashland University’s Fashion Merchandising program students are here to help! I’m going to give you steps to follow in order to transform your closet from slouchy college student to a sophisticated, young professional.

Step 1 – Cleaning out the Closet

The first step requires thoroughly going through your closet and tossing anything you don’t wear. Anything you haven’t worn in the past 6 months should get tossed or donated. Also ask questions like: Is it fading or pilling? Does it have holes? Does it fit well?

These are questions you need honest answers to. If it has holes, looks old, doesn’t fit well, is fading or pilling … toss it!

Step 2 – Start Planning Basics

Example of Wardrobe Basics

Example of Wardrobe Basics Created by Mariah on Polyvore

Basics are just that! Basics! These are the staple products of your wardrobe and the pieces you should invest in. These are the pieces that will tie your wardrobe together – you can’t have all patterned clothing, because nothing will go together. Basic pieces you NEED to invest in include:

Black dress pants

Lighter colored dress pants (white, khaki, etc.)

Black pencil skirt

Black tank

White tank

White t-shirt

Solid colored blouses

Black dress shoes

Nude (tan) dress shoes

Neutral colored cardigan

Black dress

Dark washed jeans

When buying or deciding if you have these items already, you must make sure these items fit well and are not fading. These should be items that fit you perfectly and are high quality. Spend some of your hard earned money on these pieces, because you will wear them a lot! I like to frequent the Limited for basics. Their styles are always up-to-date and trendy, but they still carry a variety of classic, basic pieces.

Step 3 – The Sizzle Pieces

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 5.19.48 PM

Example Wardrobe Sizzle Pieces Created by Mariah on Polyvore

Some people only use the basics in their wardrobe, and they can seriously rock this look. Most people, however, want to add a little style and personality to their look. Isn’t it nice to see some flair in a wardrobe? I wear a lot of blacks and neutrals and even I get bored with it. The “sizzle” pieces are what will add personal style to your overall look.

It’s important to note that these pieces should make up about 50% of your wardrobe, but they should also only take up about 25% of your wardrobe budget. These pieces are usually trends or fads, and just because wide leg pants are in right now, doesn’t mean you will be wearing them next season. I like to shop for sizzle pieces at places like Forever 21 and Express – you can get reasonably priced clothing, even if you won’t wear them forever.

Sizzle pieces are eye-catching garments. They are pieces you can’t wear two days in a row because someone will definitely notice! They’re also going to bring out your personality. Big floral prints, bold colors, strong tartans, and crazy jewelry all help to define your character. Sizzle pieces are my favorite part of wardrobe building. One day I may feel very girly, so I’m going to find floral prints, lace, or bows to wear. The next day, I may be feeling tough, so I’m going to wear studs and red tartan. Style-wise, you never know how I will be feel each morning, so all my sizzle pieces have an equal chance of being worn. When shopping, the perfect sizzle pieces will stand out to your personality, and you’re going to know if it has to be in your closet or not! Don’t forget: we are grown professionals now, so watch for issues like skirt length and proper fit.

But remember, you can’t only wear sizzle pieces! You’re should pair them with your basic investment pieces. Also, remember your color palette when shopping sizzle pieces. It’s important to make sure your brightly colored blazer is still the right shade for your season! You can refer to my previous blog post here to make sure you’re heading in the right direction!

Step 4 – Pairing the Basics with the Sizzlers

Step 4 is the fun stuff – outfit planning! Because I’m fashion obsessed, I like to make sure I’m wearing a variety of outfits each day of the week. I like to loosely follow this pattern:

Mellow Monday: Keep it comfy, you’ve got a big week ahead! Here, I chose basic black pants, and a striped, loose-fit tee. Can you tell which pieces are the sizzlers?

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 5.00.22 PM

Add a pop of color with a bright bag.

Textile Tuesday: This day is great for a play on different fabrics. Here, I chose jacquard floral fabric pants (these pants are a sizzle piece), and paired it with a basic cream peplum top.

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 5.21.13 PM

Wacky Wednesday: On this day, I like to do a crazy pattern or fun shoes. Keep your co-workers guessing! Here I paired some crazy chartreuse pants and a striped tank with a basic cardigan and black booties.

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 8.24.33 PM

Mixing prints is a popular trend for S/S ’14.

Throwback Thursday: I’m very inspired by period pieces, so I’ve dedicated Thursdays to using a small vintage inspiration. This outfit has a nod to the 70s with the bold print. Pair a crazy print dress with neutral shoes.

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 10.48.50 PM

Throw on pearls to add instant class to any outfit.

Casual Friday: Hello! It’s Friday! Here we have quality, dark jeans with a neutral top and some crazy snakeskin shoes!

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 11.19.56 PM

Only wear boot cut jeans with heels.

Choose your pairings carefully, but have fun! Keep your wardrobe professional, but don’t forget to be yourself.

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 12.14.06 PM

Mix florals and studs for an updated look.

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 12.07.03 PM

A tiny pop of pattern makes a big difference!

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 11.08.38 PM

Big meeting? Choose classy, professional pieces.





Mariah Marshall is a senior at Ashland University, studying marketing and fashion merchandising. She is looking forward to pursuing a career in the fashion industry after graduation in May 2014.


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It is very common for Fashion brands to be extremely active on social media.  Fashion is a very visual fields, and social media and website presence are very important to fashion brand building.  Social media can be used to showcase new clothing, trends, and promotions.  The best part about strongly interacting with customers on social media is that it is simple to link it back to the website to encourage online shopping!  As a fashion merchandising student, I follow many brands on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.  One of my favorite big-time brands to follow is Armani.  This brand does a great job of maintaining their brand on social media, but also being innovative with the use of these channels.

About Armani

Armani is an Italian clothing brand built by the designer, Giorgio Armani.  The brand is well-known for work wear for both men and women and is known for its sophisticated and effortless style.  Armani is also the brand who made the power suit famous in the 80s and is still very well known for their suits.  Made very popular by Hollywood, Armani is frequently seen on the red carpet.


Armani Social media channels

Twitter: www.twitter.com/armani

Armani has a twitter handle with over 4,000 tweets, and 1.4 million followers.  The Twitter account showcases Armani clothing through many pictures on their timeline, especially of Armani on the red carpet.  Additionally, Armani uses its Twitter handle to promote Armani products.  For example, a recent tweet links back to a Youtube video promoting the Acqua Di Gioia fragrance (Watch it here!).  Armani does a great job using YouTube to spread awareness of their current campaigns.  For example, Armani is currently promoting their “Frames of Life” eyewear by partnering with Rai Cinema and encouraging aspiring film artists to create short films showing life stories from their perspective.  This is a great way to involve a different industry to help promote the Armani brand in an interactive way.

Finally, Armani holds tweet talks on Twitter.  By following the Armani Twitter, I learned about the tweet talk, which is something they have done for the past several years.  A topic is chosen and a panel is held on a specific day for discussion.  The interesting part about the tweet talk is that anyone is able to participate by tweeting a question using the hashtag #armanitweettalks, and questions with the most retweets will be featured in the talk.  This year’s topic is Fashion and Design and centers on the relationship between fashion and interior design. The panel includes professionals from both fields.  This is a very innovative and educational way to promote Armani.  Any fashion student could benefit from participating in something like this.

Screenshot-fashion (2)

Participate in #armanitweettalks on April 10!


Armani uses their Instagram as a way to visually depict anything they are talking about on Twitter.  The pictures on the social media channel include celebrities wearing their suits, promotions, the Frames of Life campaign, and any new collections they may want to highlight.  As mentioned earlier, Instagram is a great tool to use for fashion brands.  Any customer may be interested in following the account to see new product and who is wearing it.  Additionally, it is useful for students of fashion to follow accounts such as Armani on Instagram because they are leading fashion brands and offer a great perspective of what is going on in the industry, as well as innovative ways to promote the brand through social media.


Tumblr has given Armani another way to show “Frames of Life” videos.  Prompted by the hashtag, #framesofyou, the Armani Tumblr shows recent posts for the campaign.  This gives Armani the opportunity to reach out to bloggers and Tumblr users to push their brand campaign for eyewear.  Again, it can be extremely beneficial for fashion merchandising students to follow brands like Armani on not only the basic social media channels like Twitter and Instagram, but also Tumblr.

Overall, Armani has a great brand presence on social media.  Although it isn’t a brand that most college students are wearing or can afford while in college, it is important for any Fashion student to know what is going on in the industry with big brands such as Armani, Chanel, Dior, or Burberry.  With social media being as popular as it is among college students, keeping up with brands has been made easy.  Knowing what is going on in the fashion world is crucial when going into interviews and beginning a career path in Fashion Merchandising.  Use what you already know about social media to guide you in your future in Fashion!

Christy Fox is a senior Marketing Major, and dual minor in Fashion Merchandising and Information Systems at Ashland Unviersity.  She is currently the Marketing Intern at the Ashland University Rec Center.

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