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Wakefield, Read 11-04-11

Congratulations to Mr. Read F. Wakefield who was recently elected to the Board

of Directors of the Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio, Inc. Entrepreneurial

Engagement Ohio is a nonprofit organization that: “promotes high school

student and community awareness as to the challenges and opportunities

the changing regional, national and global economies present for the future.”

It also “provides educational instruction, curriculum, research, training,

mentoring and other information that helps develop the entrepreneurial,

economic, and business, and scientific literacy of students and the community,

and other 21st century skills that will be needed for the future.” Entrepreneurial

Engagement Ohio is a major contractor to The Ohio Academy of Science for the

Ohio Board of Regents “Believe in Ohio Program” to create a statewide high

school student and teacher entrepreneurial STEM educational program to grow

Ohio future entrepreneurs. Mr. Wakefield is the director of

The Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurial Studies in the Dauch

College of Business and Economics.



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