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I’m back! I had so much fun in Taipei that I had to split it into two parts. While my friend and I were waiting for the movie, We explored the mall. Here is what we saw:



Alice in Wonderland



Fan Meeting





Anime Movie

Being in Taiwan, I made the realization that if you watch Kdramas and Anime, You will become that one person that others ask “who is that?” while pointing to a poster.  The Love Live Movie was great and we even received fan merchandise. Overall, I had a great time in Taipei. (=

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We started our day off by going to Lukang Lung-shan temple. We had a tour guide named Ivy who was Taiwanese, but could also speak English very well. She led all 14 of us around the temple talking about the history while we were looking at the artitecture. I really enjoyed this temple. I was not aware that when going in you have yo enter on the right side which is the dragon side and when exiting come out through the tiger side. This was all very interesting. In the temple, there was these two trees that were over 200 years old but they were beautiful. Speaking of beauty, the ceiling on one part of the temple was really cool to look at and admire.

After we were done at the temple, we moved on with our walking tour. Ivy and the rest of the group walked to see some of the historical sites that was located in the town. We stopped at a face mask painting store and the shop owner gave us a demonstration of a dance that they do with the masks. The city we were all in was Lukang Lung-Shan which is the oldest city in Taiwan but it is the second biggest. This was all very interesting to me but it was so hot out today. The temperature was about 97 but the real feel.was 110 with humidity!! We stopped a once to get juice or bubble milk tea. We stopped for lunch at this dumpling, noodle and rice place. We all talked about our day and the different things we liked or were not expecting.


We then moved on to the glass gallery. The bottom level is basically all things you can buy, but once you go upstairs it is like a a huge show room of just glass everything. There was this cute little pond made out of glass and Taipei 101 also. It just amazes me that there was so many things just made out if glass in 1 room!! Today was an all around great day!

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Today we began our travels from Providence university down to Kenting Beach. On the way there we had a scheduled enterprise visit with Honor Seiki, a company that specializes in Vertical Lathe and Turning Centers. These machines are sold throughout the world to companies who want to create specialized parts and tools. A couple notable companies they supply are Mitubishi and Sterling Engineering. Through Honor’s relationships with these various companies it has developed worldwide respect and business. During our tour we were shown their factory, which had a number of their machines in production. The production time can last up to 6 months. 

We left the factory and headed back on the road towards Kenting. After driving for a few minutes we made another stop for lunch at the Soya Mixed Meat Museum. While there we had wonderful beef noodles, which it turned out had won an award for best noodles in Taiwan (They seated us at kids tables to eat. Some of us had a little leg room problem). We learned that this museum had started years before from just a small roadside stand. Now it is much larger and boasts a number of unique food items. We toured the facility, ate our lunch and headed back onto the road. 

For most of us the ride went by quickly, since we napped most of the rest of the way. We arrived at Kenting in the late afternoon and went straight up to our rooms. We were pleasantly surprised how nice the rooms were! After settling in we left to go explore the town and beach. The waves at the beach were too high for us to swim in, so we relaxed and watched the waves. There is a wonderful night market right off of the beach and we ate a number of tasty foods while there. I personally enjoyed drinking some more bubble milk tea. Can never get enough of that!

Following all of that we came back and played beach volleyball. It was a relaxing way of ending such a busy day of traveling and touring. It’s amazing theopportunities the COBE in Taiwan program has provided us. Through our scheduled classes, random excursions and learning experiences we have learned a lot. That’s all for tonight!

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On this trip we got to experience so many new and interesting things. We visited many different night markets and companies. I enjoyed the night markets because there is so much to do and see. You can get food or a drink and walk around looking at all the different stores. We also, took many different trips to temples around Taiwan. I now know that you are to enter temples on the tiger side and exit on the dragon side. I enjoyed the experience of trying many different foods and beverages. I found out i don’t like bubble milk tea but chocolate tea (Pictured Below) on the other hand is really good. Overall I feel the trip to Taiwan was a good experience that helped me to grow as a person.


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The companies we visited were interesting, some included Jonnesway Enterprise Co. and Kenos Industrial Co. I don’t have a strong desire to work in the manufacturing industry, but talking to the managers really opened my eyes to the world of doing business internationally in my future career. The passion that the workers had for their jobs and the work they performed was something that was very unique to me. I feel like so many Americans I know go through the motions in their jobs everyday but don’t find a great amount of joy in it. But everywhere we went no matter if it was a restaurant or our enterprise visits they take a great pride in what they do. They are constantly asking your opinion of the product and if you’re not satisfied they’re eager to learn what they can do to make it better for you. It’s so personal. They want each and every customer to leave satisfied. They can’t seem to stop talking about their work. Their faces just seem to light up when they talk about the work they do everyday and that’s always something I’ve admired. I have yet to find what I want to do with my life, but I know when I figure it out I want to be that passionate about it. I also learned the lesson of doing your research before meeting with a client. Study their culture and maybe their social media pages to find out their interests. Learn about them before you meet them so you already feel a connection with them. In Asian culture, this relationship takes time to build but when you establish it, they serve as a long time client. It’s interesting to me just how big food culture is in Asia. Everything revolves around food. The events they have, the business deals they make. Joseph Liao, the President of Jonnesway, made this apparent. He said he watches what people order and everything and judges their character just on that. You need to study up on the mannerisms before going over to make sure you don’t do anything to offend a potential client. China is such a big economy that I found by the end of the trip that I want to continue my learning of the language. I think that there are great opportunities that lie in Asia in the business world and I want to be able to communicate to find those. I’m excited to keep learning and hope to visit again soon.

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Last night a few of us went and celebrated our last few days here (hopefully). While we were all out we were all talking about our favorite memories and the things we liked. The responses included the food, Taipei, and the main thing we all loved, Greta. She has helped us so much throughout this process. Without her, I don’t think any of us could have survived. While I was listening to some of the responses I was thinking what I really liked about this trip. I came with the conclusion that one of my favorite parts was becoming closer with the people from Ashland. Coming on this trip, most of us barley knew anything about each other (excluding what we learned in class). But having to spend six weeks with each other, we have all grown closer to each other. We have all learned or changed in one form or another. Hopefully, when we get back to AU, we will continue to talk about our experiences and laugh at all of the silly moments we have had. I know I will urge other students to come on this trip, so they can experience some of the moments our group did. Pictured below is from the start of the trip to the end. (Kara isn’t in the first because she hates Ohio) (Not really she lives in Minnesota) beg End

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It’s the day before we leave. Or is it? Typhoon Soudelor is making its way towards Taiwan as I type. It’s the biggest storm of the year with winds up to 218 miles per hour, which is equivalent to a category 5 hurricane. Right now it’s not too bad though with some wind and a little bit of rain. We’ve been suggested to stay at the dorm tonight as the storm will continue to get worse. Our coordinator offered to order us food and have it brought to the dorm so we don’t have to worry about going out for dinner. It was so nice of her to offer to have that done for us and shows that everyone here at Providence really cares about our safety. It’s hard to say right now if our flight home will get delayed. Since we don’t leave until Saturday evening we’ll miss the worst of the storm and might not have any problems getting home. Either way it’s pretty cool to be able to experience one last thing here in Taiwan. You never know what’s going to happen. Wish us luck on our travels home!


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