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The Fashion Merchandising department may be small, but it is mighty. Each Fashion Merchandising student is required to complete one internship within their field. Student internships vary by company and type of position, whether it’s buying, styling or working on visuals for a store. Let me take you on a journey of two AU fashionistas’ summer internships!

Interning 101

Teah Kullman, a senior Fashion Merchandising major, spent her summer interning in Canton, Ohio at Mainstream Boutique. Her daily tasks differed, which is one of the reasons she loved and appreciated her internship. Teah was responsible for visual merchandising such as dressing mannequins, store window displays, and wall displays. She was also responsible for updating the boutique’s social media pages, including Facebook and Instagram, daily. Along with visuals and social media, Teah also assisted with buying orders and styling the clients. Her favorite task was to help style and dress models for the Hall of Fame Fashion Show – how exciting!

Teah modeling one of Mainstream Boutique's new tops for summer.

Teah modeling one of Mainstream Boutique’s new tops for summer.

The knowledge that one gains from an internship expands on the knowledge one gains in the classroom. Teah says she learned so many skills in class that she put to use this summer such as visual merchandising and styling. She had to stay up-to-date with current trends to be able to properly style her customers. When seasons change, you must transition the visuals and make sure the creative displays are attractive and relevant to customers and the season. Teah says her most enjoyable experience from her internship is being able to work side by side with her supervisors, Rebecca and Elizabeth. According to Teah, they are extremely knowledgeable in fashion and business that she loved learning from them.

Mainstream Boutique is a franchise-based boutique that has multiple locations spread out over 16 different states, but the shop Teah worked with was fairly new; it just celebrated its first anniversary! They recently won the Akron/Canton Hot List in the Boutique category – so exciting! The boutique donates to different charities each month and holds in store events to raise money for charities. This summer, the boutique released their own private label, which is amazing because boutiques do not often create their own lines. To find out more about Mainstream Boutique, click here.

The Business of Fashion

Laura Carley, a senior Fashion Merchandising major, had the privilege to intern during the summer at Altar’d State, located in Mason, Ohio. Her duties consisted of visual merchandising and mannequin styling, which she loved! Laura’s visuals entailed creative window displays and detailed wall displays, like the one shown in the image below.


Wall display created by Laura!

Altar’d State is displayed in sections:

  • Romantic
  • Modern Classic
  • Bohemian Chic

This is a great way to display a store because it appeals to customer’s preferences and makes for a friendly shopping environment. If a customer has a bohemian style, then they may gravitate towards that section, where they will enjoy that style of sector do not have to walk around the entire store looking for pieces to match.

Visual Merchandising table Laura styled and created.

Visual Merchandising table Laura styled and created.

Laura most enjoyed the work environment within the store, as well as her coworkers and managers. Her managers were wonderful individuals to learn from because they provide a great amount of guidance for the interns. Laura’s most valuable experience was enhancing her analytical and problem solving skills. She also enjoyed the vast amount of freedom that was given to her to complete her tasks. She loved styling and dressing mannequins according to current trends and season. To see some of the current merchandise at Altar’d State, click here.


Olivia Morris is a Fashion Merchandising major with a minor in Business Administration and Marketing. She is also a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority.






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