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Showcasing Talents of the students in Fashion Merchandising

Students in the Fashion Merchandising major are stepping up their game. The students are preparing garments for the upcoming fashion show on October 30th, 2014. This show features garments made from recycled goods to show that recycling can be used in all areas of life!

The AU fashion merchandising students learn all types of skills to help them succeed. They learn skills from drawing, to measuring, to sewing, to building full outfits. The talents of the students are impeccable!

First Hand knowledge

“As a fashion major, you learn how to sew, operate sewing machines, how to tailor and fit garments. You also learn how to draw and design fashion. You learn textile and how to identify them, test them, and understand quality control. You learn the history of fashion trends to be able to recognize and interpret them in modern fashion. With that, you learn to draw inspiration from them and then you produce them,” said junior Katie Ruick.

Fashion is a Business

As one can see, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into being a Fashion Merchandising major. The students also showcase their business knowledge, and learn how to run a business in the fashion industry. This includes boutiques, lines, and retail buyers and sellers.

The talents of the students are endless. The fashion merchandising majors are phenomenal and demonstrate their creativity and artistic talents as well as their professionalism in the business world.

Picturing the talent is not so hard

To showcase the talents of the students, here are some pictures of recent outfits:


Junior, Katie Ruick, with her newest creation for the recyclable fashion show.

unnamed (1)23

Some students from last year’s Halloween fashion show, showcasing more garments they made.

Photos of completed garments for the fashion show!

image5 image3 image1image4 image2

All of these garments were hand produced by the students in the major to prepare for the fashion show on October 30th, 2014.

As one can tell, there is a lot that goes into the fashion merchandising major.

To learn more, check out the AU Fashion Students on Twitter @AU451Fashion and the newest promotion video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVAJbTsmdxc&feature=youtu.be.

Danyelle Kupfer is a Senior Digital Media Production major with a Journalism minor at Ashland University. She is a member of Alpha Phi and a DJ for WRDL.


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Photo of Bfearless Boutique


Nestled in the heart of Amish Country, Walnut Creek, Ohio introduces the area’s newest fashion boutique as well as the largest Crocs outlet in the region. Bfearless is for every woman in search of finding her own, unique style, and owner, Tonya Schlabach, is making it easier than ever. By offering outstanding styles to fit all budgets and top quality clothing to fit all women, no matter what size or shape, Schlabach allows women to see themselves as God created them. Customers can also have a personal fashion and make-up consultant to guide them in making the appropriate styling choices that complement their body and personality.  In order to achieve this goal, Schlabach partnered with Rhoda Troyer, make-up and fashion stylist and owner of Rig and Company.

Bfearless team

Bfearless team

Bfearless is more than just a new place to purchase clothing, shoes, and accessories; it is a modern environment that makes the shopping experience fun. The team at Bfearless religiously seeks unique ideas to host special events for their community and customers including live music and fine art exhibits that add culture and “zing” to the community labeled, “The Heart of Amish Country.”

Bfearless In Your Marketing Pursuits      


Bfearless Facebook Marketing

Bfearless is located in a unique community, where it was risky to introduce such an outlandish boutique. But that did not stop Schlabach from following her dream! Schlabach feels that you should be fearless in all of your pursuits, and implemented this idea when choosing a location for her store. Yes, Bfearless is located in the heart of Amish Country, but what about the rest of the community? Prior to the arrival of Bfearless, many women had to drive over an hour just to find a reasonable outfit for an interview or special occasion. But the Bfearless offers a boutique environment close to home. Thousands of tourists visit Amish Country throughout the year for the amazing food, exquisite shops and boutiques, and most of all, for the experience of seeing an atmosphere they never thought could exist. Schlabach has given tourists from all over the world a trendy place to express their style away from home. She markets her boutique through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as constantly posts about new arrivals, promotions, and special events. Bfearless has held private events for other companies and even book clubs where they serve wine, delicate foods, and other refreshments. Afterwards, the ladies may go shopping at a discount. Schlabach’s latest marketing debut was the Bfearless Fashion Show on April 7, 2014.


Original shot welcoming fashion show guests

Bfearless Fashion Show

Who knew that Amish Country could be so trendy? It is not every day that the little community of Walnut Creek, Ohio can say they hosted a fashion show at the newly renovated Wallhouse Hotel. Schlabach thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase her boutique to potential and current customers and to introduce the community to the newly remodeled hotel. A local hair salon styled each model’s hair and Rhoda Troyer, Schlabach’s partner, was in charge of makeup. Before the show, Schlabach was promoting her business to her models, the local salon, the employees from Rig and Company, and the hotel. In order to promote the fashion show to the public, Tonya and her team used a variety of methods. They posted frequent updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to let their followers know about the details of the fashion show. To reach out to those who do not use social media, the Bfearless team created flyers and posted them at many local businesses. Bfearless also made an announcement on the local radio station about the upcoming event and even published an article in the newspaper. Needless to say, Bfearless was on top of their marketing game.

Bfearless posted this on Facebook reminding the community to BUY TICKETS!

Bfearless posted this on Facebook reminding the community to BUY TICKETS!


Follow this link to check out the great social media marketing tools used by Bfearless! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bfearless/517825551594312


Bfearless Model and Rhoda Troyer

Bfearless Model and Rhoda Troyer


Pure Gift of God

Although the fashion show was meant to showcase Bfearless’ unique collection, it had another purpose too; it was a charity event. Pure Gift of God is an organization for children who have been adopted and for those individuals seeking to participate in the adoption process. It serves as a three-fold support system offering information, direction, spiritual, and financial support in the adoption process. 150 guests gathered at the Wallhouse Hotel, feasting on wine, cheese, and other refreshments while waiting to watch the fashion show, and all proceeds were donated to Pure Gift of God. During intermission, adopted children and families from Pure Gift of God walked down the runway and were recognized. It was truly a beautiful, emotional sight to see such happy, smiling faces and to know that a local boutique could help fulfill their dreams.


Cheese, wine, and other refreshments served at the fashion show


Pure Gift of God Charity table at fashion show

After the Show

All in all, the Bfearless fashion show was a hit! After the show, all ticket holders were invited to a private sale at the boutique where all items were 20% off! The models were also able to purchase the outfits they modeled for an additional 40% off and were given gift bags with a $25 gift card, a clothing item from Bfearless, and a personalized water bottle. Effective marketing, social media and traditional, helped this event to be quite successful.


After the Fashion Show! Packed House!

After the Fashion Show! Packed House!


Be Fearless In Satisfaction

Bfearless is concerned with the satisfaction of their customers and provides consultants for not only apparel, but for makeup and accessories for a variety of personalities. They want you to see yourself as God created you and how God sees you. Just as Bfearless does in the store, the Ashland University Marketing Department teaches its students to focus on the customer. Many of the concepts learned in the AU marketing program are evident in Bfearless’ operations.

As Schlabach says, be fearless in your pursuits and let Bfearless help you do it in style! Be sure to check out this fancy boutique online!

Charese Scarbrough is a marketing major and business management minor at Ashland University. Charese will graduate in May 2014 and looks to forward her career as a Marketing Manager.

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Forever 21, a family-operated business, has quickly become an integral part of today’s fashion world. Forever 21 provides trendy, cheap clothing for both men and women. However, the store is mainly geared toward women.

AU’s fashion majors love Forever 21. Erica Brown, a sophomore fashion merchandising major says, “The best part of Forever 21 is their active wear. I buy sports bras, yoga capris, compression garments and my work out jackets there!”

I don’t think I have ever walked into Forever 21 and not walked out with at least one item. One is bound to find something that they like when having such a large selection to choose from.  Although many collegiate women shop at Forever 21, very few know the history behind the store and how it came to be.

The store was not always known as Forever 21. In 1984 “Fashion 21” opened on Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, California. In its first year, Fashion 21 reached $700,000 in sales. From then on, the founder opened new stores every six months and ended up changing the name to “Forever 21”. Forever 21 now has over 477 stores in 15 countries. The original store, Fashion 21, is still in operation today.

Forever 21 is my all time favorite store. The last time I was there, I was shopping for Spring Break. I bought two bathing suits, three pairs of shorts, three crop tops, a maxi skirt, and four shirts for about $160. For $160, I purchased 13 items of clothing. You can’t beat that!

Not only can you buy clothing at Forever 21, but they also sell makeup, shoes, and accessories. I have had experience with all of it and my only complaint is not having an unlimited supply of money to buy the entire store! Their accessories include hats, bags, scarves, headbands, jewelry, and more. You name it, they probably have it. Everything is cheap, but is still of great quality. It’s a win-win.

Katie Ruick, a sophomore fashion major says, “I love all the clothing there which is great because I don’t feel like I’m spending a ton of money because everything is in my price range.”

Forever 21 is always up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. Teah Kullman, a junior fashion major says, “Forever 21 is great for street style!”  Forever 21 is always adding designs and clothing options to their shelves from over 2,000 original designers. One trend that is really in right now is print. Animal print, aztec print, chevron – they have it all! Shop their latest in prints in their stores or click here to shop online. When you spend $50 or more, they ship for free, which is another way Forever 21 helps people save money!

A forever 21 print dress, print tank top, and print crop top. How will you wear your prints this Spring?

A forever 21 print dress($10), print tank top($14), and print crop top($8). How will you wear your prints this Spring?



Forever 21 tribal cardigan, high waisted black shorts, mint earrings and necklace.

Forever 21 tribal cardigan, high waisted black shorts, mint earrings and necklace. Total outfit cost: $46.

The majority of my wardrobe is from Forever 21. Like most women in college, I am on a fixed budget and always try to make smart purchases. I almost always buy my clothing on sale and I make sure that they are items that can be easily worn with multiple outfits. I bought a jean jacket on sale for just $4 about a year ago and wear it all the time!

Leggings from Forever 21 are cheap and very stylish. New styles and patterns are added almost weekly. Their jeans are great as well! The next time you need to go shopping for jeans, head over to Forever 21, where you probably won’t spend more than $30. They last and are more comfortable than any other pair of jeans I’ve ever owned.

Cheetah print flowy top, black skinny jean, and brown boots. Total outfit cost: $45.

Cheetah print flowy top, black skinny jean, & brown boots. Total outfit cost: $45.

Skinnies, flannel & basic tee. Total outfit cost: $40.

Skinnies, flannel, basic tee, & brown boots. Total outfit cost: $50.

Fedora, jean jacket, gray crop top and black maxi skirt. Total outfit cost: $25.

Fedora, jean jacket, gray crop top and black maxi skirt. Total outfit cost: $25.

Tribal leggings, gray tank, white button up. Total outfit cost: $18.

Tribal leggings, gray tank, white button up. Total outfit cost: $18.

Jean jacket, feather top, black leggings. Total outfit cost: $14.

Jean jacket, feather top, black leggings. Total outfit cost: $14.

















I always recommend that people try on clothing before they purchase it. However, if you have shopped at Forever 21 enough and you know how their clothing fits for the most part, their online store is a fantastic tool. It is so easy to navigate the website and shop for exactly what you are looking for.

You can shop for new arrivals, which is broken down into multiple categories. You can also shop by women, men, girls, plus sizes, their contemporary collection “Love 21”, sale items, and by their Lookbooks.

My favorite thing about their site is the Lookbook portion. If you are into a bohemian style, there is a collection specifically dedicated to that style. Check it out here. They also have collections for pastels, outfits for the weekend and so many more.

Along with the Lookbook, you can also shop by outfit which makes online shopping an even easier task. I often love what the models are wearing but can never track down the items online. Being able to shop by outfits is very convenient and can be handy if you aren’t sure how to put an outfit together or how a certain item will look with another.

So next time you are shopping at the mall, make sure you stop in at Forever 21 and check out all of their awesome sales and trends. They update their inventory weekly and keep up with what’s new and cool in fashion. From crop tops to high waisted jeans, from floral shorts to flowy tanks – and so much more – you are bound to find that perfect spring/summertime wardrobe that will have everyone’s heads turning!



Sources: Forever21.com, Whippedstyle.com


Post By: Lauren Armstrong, a marketing major and studio art minor. Vice President of Marketing in Alpha Phi Sorority and intern for Markt Solutions, a custom apparel company.





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Alyssa in front of her closet with her favorite outfit on!

Many fashion students believe that they have great style sense and know how to dress well.  This seems to be true at Ashland University.  In every fashion class I have been a part of, I have always been able to look around the room and admire the outfits that my classmates put together.  Not only does a genuine interest in fashion help students’ fashion sense, but the courses offered are also helpful.  Classes such as Fashion Analysis, Fashion Industry, Fashion Merchandising, and Textiles are just some of the helpful courses that enable you to dress for success.

Class Summaries

Fashion Analysis:  This course involves learning personal coloring, and figuring out what type of clothing is best for a student’s specific shape and measurements.  Additionally, a large part of this course is dedicated to drawing fashion figures and faces, as well as garments.

Textiles:  This course is where students learn about different fibers, yarns, and fabric, and how garments are constructed with them.  It also involves testing certain materials in different ways to see what their best uses are.

Fashion Industry:  Students learn about designers and manufacturers in the industry, the way they operate, and what they are known for.  Additionally, the history of the industry and how it all got started is included in this course.

Fashion Merchandising:  In this course, students learn about planning, buying, and selling of merchandise, as well as getting an overall education about fashion merchandising.  Students will stay up to date with trends, industry, and forecasts as well.

It seems clear why these classes may be helpful to not only a student’s career, but also his or her personal wardrobe.  I decided to look into the closet of Alyssa Miller and ask a few questions about how she has developed her wardrobe and how specific Fashion Merchandising classes have helped her do that.  Alyssa is a senior Marketing Major and Fashion Merchandising minor, and is also a captain on the Women’s basketball team.  After graduation, Alyssa will be moving to Baltimore to work at Under Armor’s headquarters as a Merchandising Coordinator for Specialty Retail.  I was inspired to do this by http://closetvisit.com, a blog where Jeana Sohn visits different ladies’ closets.  Check it out!

Interview with Alyssa

Q:  How has Fashion Analysis influenced your wardrobe?

A:  I have warm undertones and spring coloring, which is something I learned about in Fashion Analysis.  This lacy, light coral shirt is something I have because I found it to be one of my best colors. I usually pair it with skinny jeans or even dress pants.  In Fashion Analysis, I also learned that I have a tubular shape, and this coral peplum top gives me more of a figure.

**Note:  In Fashion Analysis, we use watercolors to identify and paint the exact colors of our hair, skin, eyes, and lips.  We then compare these colors to a chart which will tell you what season your personal coloring falls into, and what colors look best and worst on you.  Additionally, we use a chart to discover whether our measurements are tubular, rectangular, circular, upside down triangle, or triangular.  Do you know what your best color is?


Fashion Analysis inspired tops.

Q:  What types of garments in your closet relate to what you learned in Textiles?

A:   Both of these pieces are showcasing the tribal trend going on right now.  In textiles, we learned about how these types of patterns were printed on fabrics.  Additionally, both of these garments are made of polyester, which means they are wrinkle resistant, and resistant to stretching and shrinking.  This may be why polyester fabric is good for a shift dress and a loose fitted shirt.


Textiles-inspired garments.


Q:  How did Fashion Industry change your wardrobe?

A:  In Fashion Industry, we learned about different designers and the types of things they did to become successful.  I got Michael Kors flats as a statement piece that I can wear with everything.


Michael Kors flats.

Q:  What clothes in your closet were inspired by Fashion Merchandising?

A:  Learning about trends in Fashion Merchandising, we found that denim is a top trend right now.  I have a denim shirt, which is a classic look and can be paired with different separates.


Denim shirt inspired by Fashion Merchandising.

Q:  Overall, what would you say about your experience with the fashion classes at Ashland University and how they have influenced your wardrobe choices?

A:  Being an athlete, all you ever know is sweatpants and t-shirts.  Fashion merchandising has heightened my awareness of top designers, allowed me to understand what clothing looks best on me, and has helped to add variety to my wardrobe.

Alyssa is just one example of how Fashion Merchandising at Ashland University has affected the way she dresses.  Not only can students gain relevant experience and learning towards a degree, but also enhance his or her closet with the best outfits!  Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Christy Fox is a senior Marketing Major, and dual minor in Fashion Merchandising and Information Systems at Ashland Unviersity.  She is currently the Marketing Intern at the Ashland University Rec Center.

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Imagine having the opportunity to study at one of the top schools in the world in your area of study. Imagine living in a city where there are endless opportunities to apply everything you’ve learned at AU. For Olivia Morris, a fashion merchandising major here at Ashland University, this is a reality! Let me take you on an amazing journey to New York City and a world full of fashion.

From Ashland to New York City

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is one of the fashion merchandising major’s affiliate programs here at AU where students have the opportunity to apply to and spend a year dedicated solely to fashion studies. In August, Olivia Morris stepped out of her comfort zone and ventured to a new state to start her year of study at FIT in the heart of New York and is loving every second of it!

The classes at FIT are structured very differently than they are here at Ashland. According to Olivia, some classes are three hours long and some are two and four. It all depends on what you are taking. Olivia is currently enrolled in 6 classes and also took 6 classes in the fall:

Fall 2013                                                         

– Fashion Marketing

 – Merchandising Math

 – Fashion Business Practices

 – Advertising

– Fashion Industry

– Textiles

 Spring 2014

– Fashion Merchandising

– Team Development Workshop

– Contemporary Retail Management

– Product Development

– Creative Fashion Presentations

– Internship Class

Textiles and knitting lab at the FIT

Textiles and knitting lab at the FIT

These are just a few of the many courses that can be taken at FIT. To learn more about the classes and opportunities offered, click here.

Opportunity is Everywhere

Last semester, Olivia had the opportunity to work a fashion show for Rita Vinieris, a designer of luxury dresses for women. “We dressed the models for about five hours. It was an awesome experience!” said Olivia during our interview. This semester, part of Olivia’s course load is participating in an internship. She is currently interning at a startup fragrance company that was founded in 2008 that specializes in creating fragrances for colleges.

Olivia recently got the chance to stand in line at Victoria’s Secret at Herald Square where she got to meet two of the VS Angels. She absolutely loved this experience because she adores Karlie Kloss! She unfortunately did not get to attend any of the shows during Fashion Week last week but she did keep up with them online and especially enjoyed Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa, and Badgley Mischka.

Olivia Morris with two Victoria's secret Angels.

Olivia Morris with two Victoria’s secret Angels!

The view from Olivia's internship.

The view from Olivia’s internship.

Olivia Morris hard at work at a fashion show for Rita Vinieris!

Olivia Morris hard at work at a fashion show for Rita Vinieris!

Outside the Classroom

The opportunities at The Fashion Institute are endless, as are the opportunities outside of the institute! I asked Olivia about her experience with New York and how she likes living there. She told me the people are not nearly as friendly as the people here at AU but she loves it nonetheless and always has things to do. Besides shopping of course, Olivia enjoys going to see the Broadway plays. She has seen Wicked, The Nutcracker by the New York City Ballet, and the Lion King!

Ground Zero

Ground Zero

Olivia has had the chance to see the 9/11 Memorial which she said is so beautiful and so sad at the same time. Her absolute favorite place in NY is The High Line, which is park built on historic freight rail line elevated above the streets! To learn more about High Line click here.

Rockefeller Center!

Rockefeller Center!

Olivia also attended a Knicks game last semester, watched the Macy’s Day parade, visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Rockefeller Center, and went ice skating. These are just a couple of the things that she has had the opportunity to do because of studying at The Fashion Institute.  New York is an incredibly large city and there are always things to do, places to go, and people to see, which can be seen very clearly through Olivia’s experiences!

A Life Altering Decision

Olivia misses Ashland and all of her friends and professors here but attending The Fashion Institute of Technology is one of the best decisions she has ever made. “I have all my sorority sisters and my boyfriend Sam to support me this year!” said Olivia. “It’s a privilege to be able to attend FIT.”

Olivia will graduate from her program at FIT at the end of May with an associates degree and will return to Ashland this fall as a senior to finish her college career.

If you type a phrase like, “top fashion schools in the world” into Google, FIT tends to appear in every list of search results.  Take this article from the Huffington Post for example. FIT offers 43 majors and places a strong emphasis on internships and real-world experience. Students who have studied at FIT have gained internships and jobs with Calvin Klein, Coach, and Vogue. The school has produced some of today’s most elite designers such as Michael Kors.

The fact that Ashland University is connected to one of the top fashion schools in the world is definitely an opportunity to take advantage of if you are/will be a fashion merchandising major here at AU. It will open doors that may not have crossed your path otherwise.

Between the classes at Ashland University with Dr. Nancy Morris and the classes with the fashion professionals at The Fashion Institute of Technology, an AU fashion merchandising major is on his or her way to success!



Post By: Lauren Armstrong, a marketing major and studio art minor. Vice President of Marketing in Alpha Phi Sorority and intern for Markt Solutions, a custom apparel company.

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Every college student may not be interested in staying up to date with fashion trends.  However, the students involved in the Ashland University Fashion Merchandising program are always in touch with what is going on in the fashion world.  Examples of specific courses offered are Fashion Analysis, Fashion Studio, Fashion Industry, Fashion Evolution, Fashion Promotion, and Fashion Merchandising.  Students in these courses could be doing anything from personal coloring to sewing an entire outfit.  Regardless of which class, there is always a need to know what type of trends will be in for the upcoming season or semester.

I am currently in Fashion Merchandising 416 and our first assignment was to create a trend board.  A trend board is a visual that shows off one specific trend through primarily pictures.  Describing the trend includes the inspiration of the trend, fabrics used in the trend, colors, design features and details, and the style and silhouette of the trend.

Sometimes it is hard to see something worn by a model and understand how that could ever be a part of your wardrobe.  Usually the best thing to do is to pay attention to what the designer is trying to say with the garment, and then you may find a simpler way to make that addition to your closet.  Here are 7 trends that you may want to try for spring 2014 that we discussed in our Fashion Merchandising 416 class.  Check out more pictures of the trends on Style.com’s trend report!

1.  Floral

Flowers and prints are on anything from dresses to pants.  These patterns can be traced back to the 70s and a “flower power” sort of feel.  This trend is even seen on the runway on men in darker tones, especially blue.  We identified this in class as one of the trends that will probably be seen the most because floral can be showcased on just about any type of garment and not be too outrageous.


Gucci, Spring 2014

2.  Oxford

This trend is mainly identified by button ups and collars.  The look is popular because of the button up shirt-dress seen from Dior and Alexander Wang for example.  I can see this trend taking off this spring just because it has such a classic look that it could be popular with many different age groups and it is a modest look.


Dior, Spring 2014

3.  Tribal

Tribal has been seen in years past and it is back again for spring 2014.  I chose to use this trend for my trend board.  As you may have guessed, tribal trends are inspired by different cultures, especially African tribe cultures.  Some refer to the trend as “International Geographic,” coming from the National Geographic magazine which is Alexander McQueen’s favorite magazine.  This trend is emphasized by bold geometric patterns, fringe, feathers, and embroidery.  The runway showed a lot of draping of garment as well.  I have already seen this trend taking off especially on tribal printed sweaters in stores such as Francesca’s.


My Tribal Trend Board

4. 90’s

As a 90’s kid I don’t mind seeing this trend come back in style.  This includes big logos, and a grunge look.  Big logos on t-shirts, lots of flannel, and maybe even bib overalls have been seen on the runway for this trend.  Who didn’t own a pair bibs as a kid?

5.  Wide Leg Trousers

We learned about the “fashion pendulum” in our courses over the years.  This means that a trend will start out one way, and slowly evolve with time to a more extreme look then will eventually come back to where it started.  For example, lately we have seen extremely skinny jeans.  Now it is forecasted that wider leg trousers are coming in, so if you start noticing the bottoms of jeans becoming increasingly wider, that will be why.  Wide leg pants are something that may not look great on everyone, but definitely something to try on.

6.  Art Pop

Art Pop is another big trend this spring.  Inspired by artists and bright, colorful pieces of art, this is a fun trend that can be seen on mainly women’s garments.  Many of the patterns are abstract and extremely colorful.


Jil Sander, Spring 2014

7.  Sportswear

Stemming from the upcoming Olympic Winter Games, designers created unique sportswear garments for spring.  Models were seen wearing more luxurious pieces of sportswear made out of different fabrics such as silk and leather.  We discussed that this trend will definitely be great for college kids since we all love to wear our sweat pants and sportswear as it is.


Emilio Pucci, Spring 2014

Although you might not be running to the store to buy all of these trends, some of them are definitely going to be popular.  Which trend do you see yourself in the most?

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Did you know that the Fashion Merchandising program has relocated? Did you know that the program is now ranked in the top 20%  of the Fashion Merchandising programs in the United States by fashion-schools.org?

Last semester marked a huge milestone for the Fashion Merchandising program at AU. For years it was located in Kates Center and was a part of the College of Arts and Sciences. It has now been relocated to the Dauch College of Business and Economics and falls under a B.S. degree. With moving to another building also comes a new fashion studio where Dr. Nancy Morris teaches her classes!

Dr. Morris

Dr. Nancy Morris teaching students how to properly use a sewing machine in the new fashion merchandising studio

Dr. Nancy Morris at a Glance

Dr. Nancy Morris is an associate professor of fashion merchandising here at AU and teaches all of the fashion merchandising classes in the program. When asked for his opinions on Dr. Morris, Ethan Crawford, a junior fashion merchandising student, said, “She is an awesome professor! Our major is extremely hands on which I love!” Dr. Morris makes sure that her students are working on projects that will allow them to connect with businesses. “The more background in business students have, the better!”  says Dr. Morris.

Dr. Morris is currently having her students work on a project called “Capes for Kids” in which her studio classes learn how to sew capes for patients at Peyton Manning’s Children’s Hospital. Ethan says, “We are incorporating superheroes and these capes made by the students into the Upper Convo Food and Fashion Show this year!” To learn more about the program, Capes for Kids, click here.

The Pros of a New Studio

Dr. Morris uses the new fashion merchandising studio to her full advantage! The studio is equipped with hanging extension cords at each table, allowing her to interact with her students and have enough room for them to gather around her to see exactly what she does and how she does it.

The room is also equipped with a white board that starts at the floor and extends almost to the ceiling.  Dr. Morris says this helps with doing life size projects that involve lots of measurements and detailed planning.  The studio houses one of the largest television screens on campus for which Dr. Morris can use to aid her with her lesson plans.

The studio can be accessed by fashion students 24/7. Students are able to store their works in progress in the rather large storage closet that holds all of their sewing machines, materials, etc.  Door is locked and can’t get in? Safety Services is on call at all hours of the day and with a simple phone call, 419-207-5555, will be there in minutes to assist students with getting into their classroom.

The best part about having a 24/7 hour fashion studio in the middle of campus? Students can work on the weekends! The large space makes it easy for groups to get together and work on their pieces OUTSIDE of class time. How great is that? This allows students to get caught up and use their free time to their advantage.

The new studio is located in the Dauch College of Business and Economics at 401 College Avenue, Ashland, Ohio 44805. Come check it out!

Why come to Ashland University to study fashion?

With larger schools nearby, what would make students want to come to Ashland University instead? Here are just a few reasons:

  •  Small class sizes
  •  Study abroad program in Paris
  •  Study fashion for a year at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New  York City
  •  Private University – small campus
  •  Hands-on, real world projects
  •  Make connections with businesses

According to Dr. Morris, there about 35 students enrolled in the fashion merchandising program this year. Many of the students are out of state students that come to Ashland just for this program.  And now that the program has switched over to the business side of things, the department is expecting to grow even more.

The skills gained through studying at AU is allowing grads to work at high-end, well known companies such as:

  •  Coach
  •  Guess
  •  Hollister
  •  Victoria’s Secret

These are just a few of the many companies AU students are working for upon graduation. To see more click here. The fashion merchandising program can be completed in four years.  In just four years fashion students will be well on their way to success. Apply today and reap the benefits of Ashland Universities’ brand new fashion studio!

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