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Let’s take a look into the Major

Fashion Merchandising is a booming major at Ashland University! It has been recognized in the top 20 percent of the fashion merchandising programs in the US in 2013 by Fashion-Schools.org. The program seeks to continue to climb the ranks with all of the exciting opportunities it has to offer.

The latest remodeling of Dauch 110, the fashion merchandising classroom, has helped the majors gain more hands on experience. The room includes all new white boards, hanging extension cords to assist when sewing, and a materials closet to store fabrics and sewing machines.

Dauch Fashion Merchandising and Design Center

Dauch Fashion Merchandising and Design Center

Getting a Degree

With the fashion merchandising major growing faster at AU, there is a lot more activity happening. The major has gained more students who have declared fashion merchandising as a major and/or minor.


There are different degrees within the major: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business, and Bachelor of Science and Arts. Each of these differ by the college core. If a student is pursuing the Bachelor of Business, then he or she must complete the business core. Going for the Bachelor of Arts? That student must be sure to do the Arts core. Different degrees are available for now because the major only became a part of the College of Business in 2013. All students starting the program in 2013 or later will be receiving a Bachelor of Business degree.

Going from Green to Black

The Fashion Promotion class is producing and hosting a recycled fashion show on October 30th, 2014. The theme is “Green is the New Black”. Three of the fashion classes will be producing garments from either old clothes or recycled goods. The Fashion Promotions class is also reaching out to companies around Ashland for donated recycled materials.

This is a great way to get the campus involved in the fashion merchandising major. Students can support their friends at the show and check out some creative ideas for how to “go green” in fashion. The fashion shows can attract more students to the major and look great on the fashion merchandising students’ resumes. The Fashion Merchandising major is rising slowly but it will take off as the years go on.

Learning More

To learn more about the major, visit the Ashland University website for Fashion Merchandising at: https://www.ashland.edu/cobe/majors/fashion-merchandising



Danyelle Kupfer is a Senior Digital Media Production major with a Journalism minor at Ashland University. She is a member of Alpha Phi and a DJ for WRDL.


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