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It is very common for Fashion brands to be extremely active on social media.  Fashion is a very visual fields, and social media and website presence are very important to fashion brand building.  Social media can be used to showcase new clothing, trends, and promotions.  The best part about strongly interacting with customers on social media is that it is simple to link it back to the website to encourage online shopping!  As a fashion merchandising student, I follow many brands on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.  One of my favorite big-time brands to follow is Armani.  This brand does a great job of maintaining their brand on social media, but also being innovative with the use of these channels.

About Armani

Armani is an Italian clothing brand built by the designer, Giorgio Armani.  The brand is well-known for work wear for both men and women and is known for its sophisticated and effortless style.  Armani is also the brand who made the power suit famous in the 80s and is still very well known for their suits.  Made very popular by Hollywood, Armani is frequently seen on the red carpet.


Armani Social media channels

Twitter: www.twitter.com/armani

Armani has a twitter handle with over 4,000 tweets, and 1.4 million followers.  The Twitter account showcases Armani clothing through many pictures on their timeline, especially of Armani on the red carpet.  Additionally, Armani uses its Twitter handle to promote Armani products.  For example, a recent tweet links back to a Youtube video promoting the Acqua Di Gioia fragrance (Watch it here!).  Armani does a great job using YouTube to spread awareness of their current campaigns.  For example, Armani is currently promoting their “Frames of Life” eyewear by partnering with Rai Cinema and encouraging aspiring film artists to create short films showing life stories from their perspective.  This is a great way to involve a different industry to help promote the Armani brand in an interactive way.

Finally, Armani holds tweet talks on Twitter.  By following the Armani Twitter, I learned about the tweet talk, which is something they have done for the past several years.  A topic is chosen and a panel is held on a specific day for discussion.  The interesting part about the tweet talk is that anyone is able to participate by tweeting a question using the hashtag #armanitweettalks, and questions with the most retweets will be featured in the talk.  This year’s topic is Fashion and Design and centers on the relationship between fashion and interior design. The panel includes professionals from both fields.  This is a very innovative and educational way to promote Armani.  Any fashion student could benefit from participating in something like this.

Screenshot-fashion (2)

Participate in #armanitweettalks on April 10!


Armani uses their Instagram as a way to visually depict anything they are talking about on Twitter.  The pictures on the social media channel include celebrities wearing their suits, promotions, the Frames of Life campaign, and any new collections they may want to highlight.  As mentioned earlier, Instagram is a great tool to use for fashion brands.  Any customer may be interested in following the account to see new product and who is wearing it.  Additionally, it is useful for students of fashion to follow accounts such as Armani on Instagram because they are leading fashion brands and offer a great perspective of what is going on in the industry, as well as innovative ways to promote the brand through social media.


Tumblr has given Armani another way to show “Frames of Life” videos.  Prompted by the hashtag, #framesofyou, the Armani Tumblr shows recent posts for the campaign.  This gives Armani the opportunity to reach out to bloggers and Tumblr users to push their brand campaign for eyewear.  Again, it can be extremely beneficial for fashion merchandising students to follow brands like Armani on not only the basic social media channels like Twitter and Instagram, but also Tumblr.

Overall, Armani has a great brand presence on social media.  Although it isn’t a brand that most college students are wearing or can afford while in college, it is important for any Fashion student to know what is going on in the industry with big brands such as Armani, Chanel, Dior, or Burberry.  With social media being as popular as it is among college students, keeping up with brands has been made easy.  Knowing what is going on in the fashion world is crucial when going into interviews and beginning a career path in Fashion Merchandising.  Use what you already know about social media to guide you in your future in Fashion!

Christy Fox is a senior Marketing Major, and dual minor in Fashion Merchandising and Information Systems at Ashland Unviersity.  She is currently the Marketing Intern at the Ashland University Rec Center.


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