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Did you know…

The marketing field is anticipated to grow within the next 10 years? It is also supposed to grow 17 percent within the next 10 years as well. The job opportunity for marketing is going to be at an all time high when we graduate college in the next few years. So, the question is.. why wouldn’t you look to marketing as a major or minor? You will have a secured job as well as having the average career salary of $93,400 according to ashland.edu. It almost seems obvious to look into marketing as a career field for you.

Are you a creative individual?

Marketing may be the major for you! It is all about being creative and developing different ways to attract consumers. Have you ever wondered why certain billboards or commercials seem to grab your attention? This is what marketers are paid to do. For instance, Jack Link’s does a great job at marketing their product, beef jerky. Messin’ With Sasquatch has created new buzz since they launched this viral marketing campaign back in 2008 and their sales have grown tremendously. One of the major factors to drawing in a consumer is using humor. Humor works on almost anything that you want to sell or advertise. They want to draw attention to their certain product and make you have an urge to go out and purchase it.

Different Avenues.

You’re probably thinking to yourself; ‘What can I do with marketing?’ The answer is quite simple. You can do anything with marketing as a major or minor. It ranges from advertising, market research analyst, sales manager, to a package designer and the list goes on and on and on… There is an endless possibility of jobs available in the field as well. To learn more about the different avenues that marketing can take you click here


As an upperclassmen you have many opportunities provided by AU to have internships during the semester or during the summer. A few internships that recent students have been offered are from Under Armour and Cedar Point. This could not have been possible without the help from the professors in the business department and having small classroom sizes. At Ashland, it is important to have student-professor relationships because they provide you with real world experience and can help you earn internships that could possible lead to future jobs. They also give you the skills necessary to set you apart from your competition and give you real world knowledge first hand.

Numerous students have graduated with a degree in marketing and have worked for top name companies such as;

  • American Greeting
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Toys-R-Us
  • Westfield Companies

Ashland University’s marketing program is continuously going to grow within the next few years. Marketing is always changing and will continue to do so with the use of technology. To find out more information on what marketing can do for you at Ashland University, please visit their page here

Brooklyn Moore is a junior with a major in marketing and a minor in hospitality. She is also a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority.

Small Major BIG Perks

Hospitality Management is a small major at Ashland University with BIG perks. Ever dreamed of planning a wedding or bringing magic to Walt Disney World? Participating in the HSM (Hospitality Management) program at Ashland University can open doors for you to accomplish these dreams. Currently, I am participating in this program and have accomplished both. Ashland University not only opens door for internships, but also offers unique opportunities.

Top Five Best Things about the AU Hospitality Program

  1. I worked at Walt Disney World. Is there anything better? I participated in the Disney College Program in spring 2014 and with my background in Hospitality, I was placed at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. I was stationed at the Front Desk, but spent most of my time working with VIP and Club level guests. My knowledge of HSM and the skills I learned in the program set me apart from my co-workers, allowing me to work in a variety of areas.IMG_2207
  1. Small class sizes at Ashland University have always been a HUGE perk for me. My favorite small class was Food Preparation, a required course for an HSM degree. I worked with two other students to prepare foods in the convocation center among other cooks and real chefs. Professor Rawraway taught us everything, from the proper way to cook an egg to plating your dishes. The class was everything I loved in a class – completely interactive, and only one day a week! We were even provided a chef hat, coat, and knife set.
  1. Hospitality spans many facets of the world. Other schools limit HSM to learning simply about hotels and restaurants, but at AU, the HSM program expands with Casino Management and many others. During my sophomore year, I was able to learn the ins and outs of managing a casino. This course has paved the way for one Ashland University HSM Alum, Kelly Cadman, to her current job working in Las Vegas at a world-renowned casino.
  1. Being in the Dauch College of Business gives HSM students a business background, which helps set our degrees apart. Business core classes include Financial and Managerial Accounting, Introductory to Marketing, and many more.
  1. A couple of summers ago, I interned at Portage Country Club. I worked in the Food and Beverage department, but was a vital part of the executing of events, ranging from golf outings to elaborate weddings. The Dauch College of Business and Economics requires an internship to qualify for graduation, which can help set students apart from their competition.

Hospitality is an ever-changing major with many career opportunities. For more information visit https://www.ashland.edu/cobe/majors/hospitality-management.

Rachel Csenar is a senior double majoring in Marketing and Hospitality Management with a minor in International Business. She is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. She also can be found at Tuffy’s, perfecting the common smoothie or serving the Loge and Box Seat guests at Ashland University Football games.

Delving into Autumn

Let’s take a look into the Major

Fashion Merchandising is a booming major at Ashland University! It has been recognized in the top 20 percent of the fashion merchandising programs in the US in 2013 by Fashion-Schools.org. The program seeks to continue to climb the ranks with all of the exciting opportunities it has to offer.

The latest remodeling of Dauch 110, the fashion merchandising classroom, has helped the majors gain more hands on experience. The room includes all new white boards, hanging extension cords to assist when sewing, and a materials closet to store fabrics and sewing machines.

Dauch Fashion Merchandising and Design Center

Dauch Fashion Merchandising and Design Center

Getting a Degree

With the fashion merchandising major growing faster at AU, there is a lot more activity happening. The major has gained more students who have declared fashion merchandising as a major and/or minor.


There are different degrees within the major: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business, and Bachelor of Science and Arts. Each of these differ by the college core. If a student is pursuing the Bachelor of Business, then he or she must complete the business core. Going for the Bachelor of Arts? That student must be sure to do the Arts core. Different degrees are available for now because the major only became a part of the College of Business in 2013. All students starting the program in 2013 or later will be receiving a Bachelor of Business degree.

Going from Green to Black

The Fashion Promotion class is producing and hosting a recycled fashion show on October 30th, 2014. The theme is “Green is the New Black”. Three of the fashion classes will be producing garments from either old clothes or recycled goods. The Fashion Promotions class is also reaching out to companies around Ashland for donated recycled materials.

This is a great way to get the campus involved in the fashion merchandising major. Students can support their friends at the show and check out some creative ideas for how to “go green” in fashion. The fashion shows can attract more students to the major and look great on the fashion merchandising students’ resumes. The Fashion Merchandising major is rising slowly but it will take off as the years go on.

Learning More

To learn more about the major, visit the Ashland University website for Fashion Merchandising at: https://www.ashland.edu/cobe/majors/fashion-merchandising



Danyelle Kupfer is a Senior Digital Media Production major with a Journalism minor at Ashland University. She is a member of Alpha Phi and a DJ for WRDL.

Ashland University’s Eagle Investment Group is having their sixth annual Golf Outing on September 29th. About the Eagle Investment Group Dr. James Falter explains, “Known also as Eagle I and Eagle II, the Eagle Investment Group  allows students to ‘self’ manage a portfolio of publicly-traded securities.  Currently, the portfolio is valued at $1.3 Million.  When compared to other student-managed investment portfolios, the Eagle Investment Group is in a unique position in that it is truly ‘student-managed.’  Often in competing programs, student investment portfolios are managed by a committee of faculty advisors/professional managers (rather than by their students). “

The 6th Annual Eagle Investment Group Golf Outing, organized by the students of the Eagle Investment Group, is the largest fundraiser done to help support their academic experiences.  The proceeds from this event will be used to send the students of the Eagle Investment Group to visit Wall Street for one week during April, 2015. The event will be held on Monday, September 29th at The Westfield Country Club. If you are interested in more information about the event or wish to golf please see the attached brochure.



In small town Ashland, Ohio, the Fashion Merchandising major is up and coming. With the major moving into the Dauch College of Business and Economics in 2013 and the debut of a brand new classroom, the Fashion Merchandising major is officially re-vamped. There are so many opportunities for both underclassman and upperclassman here at AU. Check out more information on the Fashion Merchandising Program here.

Why Choose AU?

AU not only offers amazing programs for their students like studying abroad at the Paris Fashion Institute and the Fashion Institute of Technology, but it emerges you in your studies your freshman year of college. Underclassman classes include:

  • Fashion Analysis
  • Fashion Industry
  • Studio I
  • Clothing and Culture
  • Ready to Wear Analysis

Every freshman Fashion Merchandising major will take Fashion Analysis, which is an amazing class to start with in your first year. In Fashion Analysis, students learn the basics of drawing the 9-headed figure, discovering their own personal color palettes, and finding out the shape of their faces and bodies. This class is project oriented and extremely hands-on.

Here at AU, it is great to have small classes where you build a relationship with the professor. Dr. Nancy Morris does a wonderful job getting know each and every student starting their freshman year.

Upperclassmen Opportunities

As upperclassmen in the Fashion Merchandising department, the students are able to take all of the knowledge they have learned from the first two years and put it to the test!

One of the amazing opportunities upperclassmen have is to put together the annual AU fashion show. Each year, the Fashion Promotion class picks a theme, and then plans and implements a full fledge fashion show! So fun, right? The theme this year is Green is the New Black, which is an Eco Friendly concept. The class will be using garments that are either from local boutiques, eco friendly fabric, or made from eco friendly material. The five teams that produce the fashion show are:

  • Co-Directors
  • Promotion Team
  • Merchandise Team
  • Model Team
  • Staging Team

See you at the show on October 30, 2014 at 7pm in Upper Convo!

Have you ever wanted to visit cities like Paris and New York City and be able to volunteer and intern at fashion houses? Here at AU, the Fashion Merchandising program gives each Fashion Merchandising student the chance to be able to study at the Paris Fashion Institute or the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Here are several examples of study abroad opportunities:

  • Volunteer at Fashion Week
  • Network beyond classrooms
  • Gain international perspectives
  • Increase foreign language skills
  • Travel and learn the city beyond tourism

Graduation ceremony at the Fashion Institute of Technology that an AU student would participate in.


To learn more about the study abroad opportunity at the Paris Fashion Institute, click here. For more information on the Fashion Institute of Technology, click here.

With all of the experience and knowledge an Ashland University Fashion Merchandising student can gain, they are on their way to a career in merchandising, management, styling and more!


Olivia Morris is a Fashion Merchandising major with a minor in Business Administration and Marketing. She is also a member of Alpha Delta Pi.

Mr. Weidenmann

Mr. Wiedenmann

Mr. Eric Wiedenmann is a 1970 Ashland graduate who appreciates the benefits of networking. Today he networks with Ashland University students in a number of ways, especially through his fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi. Mr. Wiedenmann is the president of Market Development Group, Inc., a consulting company in Danville, California. Mr. Wiedenmann used this experience along with his desire to network with students to form Eagle Consulting. Mr. Wiedenmann said that “The idea of establishing Eagle Consulting originated when a colleague who is serving on the Board of Trustees at Ashland University advised me that he had successfully engaged several Ashland students to conduct a customer satisfaction survey for his business. I decided to engage Ohio Theta students as a means to hire talented professionals on an as-needed basis, which would reduce the fixed costs of my firm while at the same time provide students with practical business experience as a way of giving back to Ohio Theta.” Students in this project assisted with strategic business development projects like competitive analysis, market assessments, and review of acquisition candidates. For students working with successful alumni such as Mr. Wiedenmann, it is a great way to gain experience and build their resumes. For Mr. Wiedenmann, it helps his company and is a way to get involved with his Ohio Theta brothers. Mr. Wiedenmann has worked with over twenty-five Ashland students since 2005 alone with one of these being Mr. Ted Brink.

Mr. Brink, a 2011 Ashland graduate, worked with Mr. Wiedenmann through Market Development Group during his senior year. He met Mr. Wiedenmann through the COBE Business Advisory Council. Mr. Brink appreciated working with MDG saying “It was a great experience.  I was able to get a sense of the ins and outs of a number of different fields and businesses.” Mr. Brink had some great advice about networking for current and incoming college students. He said: “1) Start early.  Don’t wait until your senior year to begin networking and building your resume.  I began the fall of my freshman year, which I’m really glad I did.  It allowed me to become more comfortable networking and interacting with recruiters in the first half of my college career, so by the time I was a sophomore and junior I felt very confident approaching employers no matter what the setting.  Also by starting early, I found that the experience I got through my first internship at Four Seasons, along with the fact that I did it as a freshman, was key in me obtaining my 2nd and much more important internship at General Mills. 2) Take chances and get out of your comfort zone.  Approach a large group of recruiters, introduce yourself. Don’t just stand off in the corner and wait for them to talk to you or wait for a friend to introduce you to them. Stick out, show confidence. It will be picked up by anyone you network with. If you have an opportunity to intern in a different part of the country, take it. My best summers were spent in Dallas and Minneapolis for my internships.  Network with everyone, not just employers and recruiters in your specific field because you never know who they will be willing to introduce you to or when they may call you back if a new job at their firm opens up.” As Mr. Wiedenmann and Mr. Brink indicated networking is a very important part of the college experience and can lead to great opportunities. Information for this article was obtained from Mr. Wiedenmann, Mr. Brink, and the August 2014 edition of The Shield, a quarterly publication for Phi Kappa Psi alumni worldwide.



unnamed Allison Stiger has taken the position as project manager for the Ashland Area Council for Economic Development. Allison is a 2013 Ashland University graduate with a degree in Marketing. While in college, Allison interned with the Workforce, Economic Development and Continuing Education Division at Rhodes State College in Lima, Ohio. As part of her internship, she created promotional materials, wrote press releases and media alerts, and did research on  industry websites to help improve their website’s effectiveness. After graduation Allison was offered an internship with Spire Advertising here in Ashland. That position became a full-time position in September 2013. There Allison gained experience in software training, database management, lead generation, writing reports and managing the billing process. Allison enjoys working with people and she is passionate about seeing Ashland succeed.


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